Monday, August 15, 2005

Norway: Not enough police

Norway has the least amount of police per capita in the Nordic region, and it would take 1,600 new jobs to reach Swedish levels, according to calculations by the Federation of Police Unions (PF). Sweden has one police officer for every 381 residents, Denmark one for 396. According to a new PF report Norway is a distant last with the needs of 438 citizens covered per officer. The real difference between Norway's police workload and that of their Swedish colleagues is even greater, with Norwegian officers using 685 man-years on evictions and similar cases, while Sweden has a separate entity for such tasks. Gearing Norway's police force up to Swedish levels would cost about NOK 1 billion in wages plus equipment and management costs. "Having as many police officers as possible is not an end in itself. The goal is the least possible criminality, and in that case other means can be just as effective," said justice politician Knut Storberget, a Labor MP. Nevertheless, Storberget agrees that Norway's police need more resources. "But I would like a different starting point for discussion than a comparison with our neighbors. It is not certain that this is correct," Storberget said.


At August 15, 2005 11:27 PM, Blogger el greco said...

Hell, I just wanted to say good job- but wading around your site and wanting to post a comment is too difficult.

At August 15, 2005 11:45 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

OT but alarm bells should be ringing.

Persecution of Kosovo Christians Said to Reveal Larger Threat

International intervention to halt the persecution of Christians in Kosovo is a "complete failure," according to a former diplomat and other political analysts who briefed Capitol Hill staff late last week, pointing to the destruction of 150 churches and the simultaneous construction of 200 mosques..."This is a very grave threat," said Peterson. "With final status changing from Serbian Orthodox hegemony into at very best a gray line, the dividing line between the Christian and Islamic world moves closer to the European Union, and we're at great risk of tolerating what should not be tolerated in order to buy some peace in our time."


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