Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Denmark: Residents rebel against Pakistan Road

Is this where Osama bin Laden is?

Residents rebel against Pakistan Road

For anyone who has ever travelled a dusty country road in Pakistan, the address Pakistan Road sounds logical for a two-metre long dirt road in a summerhouse quarter in Copenhagen's Amager quarter. The Road Directorate's decision to name the road after Pakistan, however, has not received a warm welcome among the quarter's residents, most of whom own small summerhouses and vegetable gardens on allotments near the road. 'We aren't racists. But Pakistan Road just doesn't fit Danish summerhouses. We understand that the city wants to send a signal of some kind by naming a road after Pakistan, but it's us who have to live by the address for the next 200 years. They should find a bigger road to call Pakistan Road,' said Ejvind Hernø, spokesman for the Allotment Association Formosa. Hernø said the summerhouse owners felt that the Road Authority had ignored their protests. 'It feels like we've already lost this fight,' he said. 'People are furious, and it's easy to imagine that someone will take action when the new road sign is installed. Of course I hope it doesn't happen.' The Road Administration said it preferred Pakistan Road to other suggestions, as it fit with other Asian country names in the quarter, such as Korea Road, Iran Road, and China Road. The authority added in its answer to the summerhouse owners that it wanted to name the road after Pakistan based on Denmark's special relation to the country in recent years, due to the general population development.


At August 10, 2005 3:04 AM, Blogger Brian Olsen said...

While they are renaming roads, they should name the intersecting road to the new Pakistan Road, "Happy Happy Joy Joy Road." Because it is about as stupid as plucking a name from the list of Asian countries and slapping the name on a road sign.

Wait, it is because of "general population developments." What about "general Danish historical developments"? ;-)

At August 10, 2005 8:54 AM, Blogger ik said...

Ha, Ha - I think their property values might fall down steeply when they mention their street name

At August 10, 2005 1:10 PM, Blogger Geir said...

No property values would be affected, and the whole dispute is ridiculous in light of the other Asian-country names already there, and the fact that this organization of summer house owners is called "Haveforeningen Formosa" (the Garden Society Formosa), and we all know where the name Formosa comes from!

At August 10, 2005 8:07 PM, Blogger sissyblue said...

When will they commemorate OBL?

At August 12, 2005 11:54 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

based on Denmark's special relation to the country in recent years, due to the general population development.

How delicately put. Bravo.


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