Thursday, October 20, 2005

Holy war against newspaper

Holy war against newspaper

Bombs exploding over pictures of Danish daily Jyllands-Posten and blood flowing over the national flag and a map of Denmark are among the images circulating on the internet after the newspaper printed twelve cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed last month. Daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende reported that the internet collages, posted in the name of an unknown organisation calling itself 'The Glory Brigades in Northern Europe', showed pictures of various tourist attractions in Denmark and stated that 'The Mujahedeen have numerous targets in Denmark - very soon you all will regret this', amongst other things. Another picture showed soldiers, armed with bombs, over a map of Denmark, with blood spattered over parts of the country.

The front page of Jyllands-Posten featured prominently on many of the four collages. The newspaper has been criticised by Muslims for printing the cartoons, and was forced to hire security guards after receiving hate mail and death threats over the telephone. The newspaper asked illustrators to make the cartoons after reports that artists were reluctant to illustrate a book on Mohammed for fear of Muslim retribution. The daily's editors said the cartoons were a test of whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited the freedom of expression in Denmark. The Glory Brigades have similarities with another internet group calling itself 'Al-Queda's Chapter in Northern Europe', which has also posted threats against Northern European countries and praised the London bombings in July. Though a single individual, or a small group of people, may turn out to be responsible for the internet threats, terrorism researcher Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen from the Danish Institute of International Studies warned against not taking the propaganda seriously. She said Al-Queda and its sympathisers had taken the internet into their service.

'We know that the internet is used both for propaganda and for actual terrorism instructions. It makes it more difficult for intelligence agencies to identify potential terrorists, because the internet reduces their need for physically passing through country's borders in the recruitment and training process,' she said. Dalgaard-Nielsen pointed out, however, that the text on the website looked homemade. The language was more direct and less florid with Koran quotes than the original Al-Queda organisation preferred in their messages. Fourteen days ago, sources in the Italian intelligence service warned that a Moroccan group with a connection to the al-Queda network had members in Scandinavia. Søren Hove, terrorism researcher at the Odense University, said the message displayed in the collages was so threatening that it should be investigated by the police. On the other hand, he said, such anonymous threats should be taken with a grain of salt. 'We shouldn't allow this to upset us,' he said. 'Anyone with a minimal knowledge of computers and photoshop can create such internet collages just to raise hell. My guess is that it was someone who lives here, who is angry with Jyllands-Posten, which doesn't mean he has the desire or resources to carry the threats out.'


At October 20, 2005 10:04 PM, Blogger nouille said...

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At October 20, 2005 10:07 PM, Blogger nouille said...

Whilst Europeans fret about whether the latest Mcdonalds will destroy their precious culture, this is the real threat.

It looks as if Muslims around the world will tell us what is acceptable and what is not.

Caricatures of Jews as money grubbing thieves and celebrating the gory deaths of Americans is okay though

At October 20, 2005 10:11 PM, Blogger nouille said...

Can you imagine if Americans complained about the way we are portrayed in the European media?

We could always say that's not the real America, the real America is peaceful, ...sound familiar?

At October 20, 2005 10:44 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

Freedom of expression is something that muslims cannot understand except ofcourse when they are saying this

“We will always glorify killing the kuffar in the name of Allah. To raid the kuffar in the name of Allah. Even if some women and children are caught in the raid by accident. They are part of them, it is not your fault,” said Mizaan.

In fact, we should give them another magnificent day in history. Another fantastic four (the four London suicide bombers). We should hit them time after time, day after day, every single week, every single month, every single year, we should hit them from every side, from the left and the right. From the planes above them, and the trains below them, we should hit them every way we can.”,7340,L-3156809,00.html

Then it becomes all about freedom of expression, respect for minorities, sensitivity to religious feelings bla blah

Muslims knew perfectly well about our way of life before they came to Western nations. If they dont like it here no one is forcing them to stay.

At October 21, 2005 12:15 AM, Blogger PD111 said...

Andrew Bostom: The Legacy of Jihad

It is the consensus view of orthodox Islamic jurisprudence regarding jihad, since its formulation during the 8th and 9th centuries, through the current era, that non-Muslims peacefully going about their lives — from the Khaybar farmers whom Muhammad ordered attacked in 628, to those sitting in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 — are muba’a in the Dar ul Harb. And these innocent non-combatants can be killed, and have always been killed, with impunity simply by virtue of being “harbis” during endless razzias or full scale jihad campaigns that have occurred continuously since the time of Muhammad, through the present. This is the crux of the institutionalized ideology that we are fighting, i.e., jihad, notwithstanding President Bush’s unfortunate public mischaracterization

This war cannot be fought by being afraid to name the enemy or by flattering islam about its virtues - when none exist in any material form.

At October 21, 2005 1:25 AM, Blogger John Sobieski said...

Will Denmark go dhimmi on us? The heat is turned up, will the politicians runs scared or speak out about freedom of speech? I look at all the countries, including the US, and worry. Will we one day be banned from posting like we do today?

At October 21, 2005 10:36 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

Speaking of books - Pres Bush is now proud to have the Koran in the White House library.

After September 11, Mr. Bush declared "Islam is peace." Now, he insists that "extremists" "distort the idea of jihad" into a rationale for terrorism. Maybe Mr. Bush will read his new Koran and discover that the idea of jihad is itself extreme. Better still, maybe Mr. Bush will go so far as to add another book to the White House collection: "The Legacy of Jihad" by Andrew G. Bostom. This extraordinary compendium of primary and secondary source material, much of it translated into English for the first time, elucidates the theory and practice of jihad over 1,400 years. With its chronological span across the centuries, "The Legacy of Jihad" goes a long way toward bridging the void in Western understanding of the institutional role of jihad within Islam.

Twisting history

By Diana West

It is hard to avoid the thought that Bush has been completelt taken in by Taqqiya masters he has appointed as advisors, and the Saudi royal family.

At October 21, 2005 10:39 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

And if you wish to know what is in future for Europe, and maybe in the not so distant future, for the US as well.

Beware - these pictures are not for the faint hearted.


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