Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Antiracist mobs new threat against the Jews in Sweden"

Via Swedish blog Jihad i Malmö I came across a story from newspaper Dagens Nyheter about harassment of Jews in Sweden. Once every three days, an anti-Semitic crime is reported to the police. The Jewish congregations in major cities Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö are forced to spend up to 25 percent of their membership fees on security and hired guards. Here's Swedish blogger Simulev's post on the subject, with some minor changes in the language made by me:

"Antiracist mobs new threat against the Jews in Sweden"

Not even Sweden goes free from serious attacks against the Jewish minority. Both research papers and individual Jews testify that the anti-Semitism has changed shape. Perpetrators are not only right-wing extremist groups. Leftist radicals and Islamic organisations are spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and participate in violent actions against Jews. For the most part, it’s about harassment such as verbal abuse and threatening letters, but also desecration of grave yards, vandalizing of institutions and assaults on Jews on Swedish streets. The spring of 2002 was the first time in 150 years that a mob in Sweden attacked Jews. A number of people were battered on Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm under the slogan “Death to the Jews”, by so-called antiracists. Anti-Semitism in our own country, has just like in the rest of Europe, grown. Attacks against Jews in subways, praise of suicide bombers, chronicles in Swedish media that characterize Israelis as “bearers of collective guilt." 10th of September the Peacerun was implemented in Gothenburg, under the parole “Boycott Israel –cheer Palestine." Organizers were Proletären FF and Revolutionary Communist Youth. Attacks against synagogues around in Europe, threats and harassments against Jews in Sweden and the establishment of groups of radical Islamists have changed and increased the threat level against Jews and their institutions. When the religious Jewish holidays now begin, demands once again of large scale police protection, but also enormous volunteer efforts to guarantee visitors safety, are needed.

Older stories:

Swedish Jews join IDF to escape anti-Semitism

“[Nadav’s] elder siblings came to Israel and joined the army, declaring that it was safer for them to serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) than to be exposed to what is happening in Sweden.” Am I to understand that the daily threat of death and mutilation at the hand of terrorists and suicide bombers, not to mention the irritation caused by those pesky ISM thugs, is preferable to walking the streets of Sweden? Ouch. “[Swedes are] reluctant to speak out against anything that the Muslim population may be doing for fear of being accused of racism.”

Anti-Semitism in Sweden

Jewish congregations in Sweden have noted a sharp increase in "harassment, threats and attacks by Arabs and Muslims against Jews in Swedish society during the last few years," the report states. "The problem is furthermore aggravated by the almost complete silence which surrounds this form of Jew-hatred. If anti-Semitism among Arabs and Muslims in Sweden is discussed at all in Swedish media, it tends to be in the form of trivializations or denials of the problem." Teachers in Swedish suburbs report widespread hostility against Jews among Arab and Muslim students.

And while this is going on, Jews actually control Sweden. They sure hide it well, don't they?

Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Interviews Head of Swedish 'Radio Islam': The Muslims' War is with the Jews; Judaism is a Criminal Mafia, Not a Religion

"The Zionist control of the media imposes a kind of media terrorism and hypocrisy, in such a way that many Swedes have a public opinion which they express on radio and TV. If [a Swede] wants to live a normal life and have work, he must claim to be Israel 's friend and the enemy of Israel 's enemies. But when you talk to regular Swedes, and even authors, privately, they are all against Israel and against the Zionist occupation. Nevertheless, if Israel finds itself in danger and if we become stronger than it, no Westerner will come to its defense. "The Jews in the West – and this has become a tradition – have 100% complete control of the media, of the political parties, of the trade unions, and of the publishing houses. They politically control all the parties, from Right to Left.


At October 21, 2005 12:11 AM, Blogger PD111 said...

Terrorising Jews and making them feel terrorised and subjugated, is part and parcel of Jihad, the most holy doctrine of the islam. Mohammed practiced it from his very first campaign, and muslims are enjoined to follow his example.

Musilms are succeeding in terrorising Jews in Europe. It wont be long before they look for new victims.

Why are we sleepwalking to probably the greatest war in all history when other more humane and relatively peaceful options are possible.

At October 25, 2005 9:30 AM, Blogger Mike H. said...

The second amendment cleans better than soap when dealing with jihadis.


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