Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Swedish girls design anti-rape belt

Remember: There is no rape wave in Scandinavia. It's just something that Fjordman, the right-wing nutcase, has made up:

Swedish girls design anti-rape belt

A group of Swedish teenage girls has designed a belt that requires two hands to remove and which they hope will deter would-be rapists, one of the creators told AFP on Tuesday. "It's like a reverse chastity belt," one of the creators, 19-year-old Nadja Björk, told AFP, meaning that the wearer is in control, instead of being controlled. The military-style buckle has a latch that the wearer has to move through a labyrinth into the correct position in order to unlock the belt. "You need two hands to open it, so the rapist can't hold you down and open it at the same time. It takes a while to figure it out if you don't know what you're doing," she said. The product was designed as part of a high school project in entrepreneurship and the girls have already sold 300 of the belts in Sweden, priced at 150 kronor. Björk and one of her partners now plan to start a business to mass produce the belts and are currently in negotiations with potential partners. "But I'm not doing this for the money," she said. "I'm really passionate about stopping rape. I think it's terrible." The Swedish media have in recent months given wide and descriptive coverage to rape attacks, though experts' opinions vary on whether there has been an actual rise in the number of such crimes.

Murder believed to be 'honour killing'

Swedish prosecutors on Tuesday requested that a couple and their two teenage children be remanded in custody on suspicion of murdering a man who wanted to marry their daughter, in what is believed to be an honour killing. The mother, father, 17-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter in the family of Afghan origin who live in Högsby, southern Sweden, "are all suspected" of participating in the murder of the daughter's boyfriend Abbas Rezai, prosecutor Kjell Yngvesson told AFP. He said the girl's brother had confessed to the crime, but that he was still requesting that all four family members be remanded in custody. "For the time being they are all suspects," he said, adding that it was possible the boy had confessed to shield his family. According to media reports, the 16-year-old girl, whose identity was not revealed, was secretly engaged to Rezai, a 20-year-old student also of Afghan origin, but her family had wanted her to marry a cousin living in Denmark. She reportedly ran away from home when she learned of her parents' wedding plans for her, but after a month the young couple was lured back to the family home in southern Sweden last week with promises that they would be permitted to marry. Rezai was found stabbed to death in the family home last Friday. Yngvesson would not confirm outright that the four were suspected of an honour killing, but said "it is not impossible".


At November 22, 2005 11:17 PM, Blogger simulev said...

Swedish member of police board:
Let girls carry arms

At November 23, 2005 5:50 AM, Blogger Mike H. said...

Pepperspray? How about some lead?

At November 23, 2005 2:15 PM, Blogger Cosmophant said...

In todays Metro (Swedish Newspaper):

The Rape Wave is spreading all over Sweden

The I-word is never mentioned, so I guess Bjoern Stark won't charge Metro with his Islamophobe stigmatization. But since they write "Rape Wave" I'm sure that he in his wisdom will be able to state a priori that the article is based on irrational fear.

Bjoern has already demonstrated that since the future can never be predicted, we must forever assume that everything will always stay the same. And then it becomes clear to us how unreasonable it is believe in anything such as a "Rape Wave". If we just listen to Bjoern we will be able to know already beforehand that such a thing never can happen. Rational people such as Bjoern know these things are all fairy tales.

I just love the philosophy of Bjoern, It's so soothing. It makes me want to stick my head deep into the sand.

At November 23, 2005 5:18 PM, Blogger the adventuress said...

White western girls, especially working class and poor ones, are the human sacrifices being offered to the great god of multiculturalism, in order to appease the gnawing beast of the Great White Western Guilt Syndrome. That is why no one cares about what happens to them. Even girls -- children -- as young as 12 or 13 are being offered for sacrifice.

Things might change if something happened to the daughter of an elite. . .

At November 23, 2005 8:32 PM, Blogger Cosmophant said...

Irene: Even girls -- children -- as young as 12 or 13 are being offered for sacrifice.

Yes, but on the other hand there are often up to 20 men gaining comfort and gratification from it. So wouldn't you reckon that good and bad kind of evens out here due to that?

Irene: Things might change if something happened to the daughter of an elite. . .

No, they won't!

Why the French don’t fight:

"I think I know why they (the patriotic French) don’t fight: because they understand deep in their gut that while the French state may be ambivalent, confused and/or deluded about the need to resist Islam, it has no such uncertainty about responding to those who threaten its core premises of secularism and multiculturalism, especially when they are “guilty” whites who lack the excuse of foreign ethnicity and culture. It will smash them utterly."

At November 23, 2005 8:41 PM, Blogger Cosmophant said...

Above is at the core of why the liberal order needs to be destroyed for us to be saved. Why things are bound to get dirty. Why the tenderfoot Bush cowboys must stay out of it.

Lawrence Auster again:

What are the grounds for hope?

"I’ve even said that recovery might not begin until after France as we know it has been destroyed, say, in a kind of “millet” system of divided sovereignty with the Muslims. That is not an “optimistic” scenario, which is what you’re accusing me of. That is a nightmare scenario. That is a scenario involving the death of Europe as we know it. But my point is that, given the deeply embedded nature of the liberalism, such a death may be the only way that the liberalism can be shucked off, and then Westerners of the future, having lost so much, may find it in themselves to stand for what is left of their civilization and fight back.

So, I guess my short answer to you is, as late as it now seems, it’s still too soon to expect liberal society to repent and turn around. The liberalism is too deeply embedded. There must be many more disasters, much more suffering and disillusionment, before a significant number of people in the West will see that liberalism itself has led to this disaster, and so be ready to give up liberalism and adopt non-liberal perspectives.

Once again, when I speak of hidden forces, I’m not being mystical but describing a reality. That reality is the life that is in me and other people of the West. That life is not simply going to vanish, it is going to express itself and assert itself, in some form. We can’t see how or when it will assert itself, but we know that it will assert itself. And that is why I feel hope and confidence, even as our civilization is revealing a total lack of will to survive or even any awareness or concern that its survival is threatened."


That sums it all up nicely I think.

At November 23, 2005 10:44 PM, Blogger Cosmophant said...

Above article -- by Lawrence Auster -- also sums up nicely the different future scenarios of Europe of Fjordman's workshop:

"I see that we are in the midst of a tremendous mystery, the drama of the West’s vast suicide attempt, the outcome of which is unknown, and I try to describe it and imagine various ways in which events may develop. Maybe the West will turn around in the near future. Maybe it will turn around in the medium future, after much more destruction has occurred. Maybe it will turn around in the more distant future, after it has been largely destroyed and subjugated to Islam. Maybe it will never turn around. I do not know the answer. But like anyone else I look at the various forces that are active, both within and without, and try to see where things are headed."

That's all that can be said about the future.

Of course, people such as Bjoern Stark won't be able to say this much. Because he does not yet understand the problem with Islam (or the West).

But I'll make a prediction of the future: Either Bjoern will understand this before he dies, or he will die before he understands.

So there you see, I agree with Bjoern, the future is unwritten and unknown.

At November 24, 2005 12:01 AM, Blogger simulev said...

Cosmophant, A translation to the best of my abilities (read the original since you understand "native" lingo) from last Aftonbladet talkback comments.

Sweden is a racist lend, I have affected with discrimination with police on court i was innocent sentencad, on woerkagency we are discrimanated on tenant association, on pubs because we are foregners. That is sweden there is a democracy lend as you sey? In day will to heppen here much as france in your here lend.

...Must be a sneaky Swedish provocateur.

At November 24, 2005 12:51 AM, Blogger Cosmophant said...


A lot of emotions but hardly any thoughts at that link.

And I hardly understood my native lingo here. I believe probably some new kind of language is evolving...

At November 24, 2005 3:31 AM, Blogger TheKaffir said...

Maybe more practical than the anti-rape belt. Is this stuff legal in Sweden? Well just carry it anyway. Maybe the NRA could start a chapter in Sweden.



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