Sunday, November 20, 2005

The EU Constitution Lives!

The EU Constitution Lives!

The EU is a piece of bureaucratic imperialism that has built up an unstoppable head of steam over thirty years. It has never bothered with democratic procedures. After the No vote, not a thing really changed. In fact, the voters’ disapproval of the Constitution just freed up the bureaucrats to do what they wanted to anyway.

“Children as young as eight are being taught that the controversial European Constitution is up and running –even though it has been rejected by voters. More than 100,000 copies of a textbook claiming the constitution will help the EU run “like clockwork” have been distributed to primary school children on the continent. The teaching material, entitled ‘Europe, My Home,’ features two children, Lea and Thomas, who are guided through the complexities of the EU by a character called Good Father Houpette. “You will be astonished by what I will tell you,” Father Houpette tells them. “You will see that the EU is a necessity.” [snip] There is no mention of the fact that the constitution was rejected by French and Dutch voters. “Some people might argue that the constitution is dead,” said Willy Helin, head of the (EU) commission’s embassy to Belgium. “But it is still on the table. The only thing that has been decided is that there will be a period of reflection.”“


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