Monday, August 22, 2005

Still no word on kidnapped French TV soundman

Still no word on kidnapped French TV soundman

The Paris-based media rights group Reporters Without Borders said Friday it was "concerned" at what might have become of a French television soundman who was abducted in the Gaza Strip last weekend. The group said in a statement its concern has been mounting steadily ever since Mohammed Ouathi, a soundman working for the French TV station France 3, was abducted by three armed men outside his hotel in Gaza City late Sunday. It noted that five other foreigners who were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip in the past two months were quickly released. "So Ouathi's case seems worrying, especially in view of the current climate of insecurity and impunity in Gaza," said the statement.

Maybe word is out that kidnapping French people is lucrative business?

France paid ransom for journalists

France paid millions of dollars for the release of three journalists kidnapped in Iraq and its foreign intelligence service now knows the identity of the abductors.


At August 22, 2005 4:10 AM, Blogger nouille said...

Of course France paid a ransom for their journalists, that's what they do.Italy also pays for hostages, how else can you explain that commie journalist making it out alive?

Terrorists now see this as a profitable enterprise.

This has set a dangerous precedent


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