Sunday, August 21, 2005

Removing pictures on children’s clothes

It's fatwa time!

Removing pictures on children’s clothes

Question :

my wifes son has clothes witch has pictures on them .The majority of his cloths have images.If I throw them away he will have very littel cloths;however I want to follow the quran and sunnah to the best of my ability.Please give me sincer advice.

Answer :

Praise be to Allaah.

Pictures of animate beings must be removed ,whether they are on clothing or other items. They may be removed by blotting them out. What is important is to erase the face by blotting it out or by stitching a piece of fabric over it so that the face will be obliterated. And Allaah knows best.

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Playing with toys in the shape of people or animals


At August 21, 2005 5:06 AM, Blogger RobertinArabia said...

Living where I do, it seems odd that such fatwas are taken seriously by anyone. At any shopping center in the kingdom one can see Saudi children wearingg t-shirts with images and children playing with toys in the shapes of animals. Advertising billboards abound with the faces of people. In four year here I have seen one advertising poster in front of a McDonalds restaurant where a lunatic had defaced the face with a marker pen. It is true that there is a government agency that goes through the imported western magazines and inks out naked shoulders and overexposed breasts page by page, but the faces are not touched. Saudi female TV personalities do not cover their faces.


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