Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Denmark: Terror case expands

Terror case expands

A British police dragnet has raised suspicion that nine terrorist suspects arrested in Denmark and Bosnia are linked to a plan to attack the White House and other strategic targets in the United States. British police became interested in one of the suspects after they arrested three men in London and found they had had email correspondence with a man living in Bosnia. The man living in Bosnia had been suspected of running a network that sought to draw alienated youths to the rebellion in Iraq. Seven 16-20-year-olds are currently under arrest in Denmark along with two 18-year-old men in Sarajevo, one of Danish-Turkish heritage and the other from Sweden, in connection with the find of cache of weapons and explosives in Sarajevo. Two days after the two were arrested in Sarajevo, British police arrested three people in Great Britain on suspicion of planning a terror attack on The White House. The three men had apparently been in email correspondence with someone in Sarajevo who used the codename 'Maximus'.


At November 09, 2005 2:32 PM, Blogger justmom said...

Make sure you vote in this poll: in your opinion are western values fundamentally at odds with those of Islam?

At November 09, 2005 3:45 PM, Blogger tefta said...

How typically Canadian. Take an opinion poll while Islamic terrorists are raging on the European continent. The Balkans are far ahead of France and Scandinavia in that Muslim terrorists there have had the help and support of world opinion while they slaughtered Christians and burned churches and schools.

I've been saying for years that the UN/NATO campaign that Clinton so favored in the former Yugoslavia has deliberately targeted the victims (Serbs) and allowed Islamic fundamentalists to smuggle in arms and men and now much of the area is controlled by Muslim terrorists euphemistically renamed ethnic Albanians. Additionally, the world community has closed its eyes to the fact that they are also infiltrating into the sovereign nation of Albania, whose population is over 70% the Muslim descendants of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. A powder keg doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The media is also to be commended for their relentless ridicule of the Bush Doctrine and their incessant smearing of Republicans and conservatives.

Bush is the last best hope for a peaceful world. Democrats won some important gains yesterday and if this smear campaign continues and if lots of the right of center bloggers who were instrumental in re-electing Bush keep moving left, the world will see what a difference it will make if Democrats regain control of the U.S. government.

The last two Democratic presidents, Carter and Clinton decimated the military and rivaled France in concessions and appeasement. Those policies led to 9/11. What another Democrat in the White House could is too scary to think about.

At November 10, 2005 1:26 AM, Blogger PD111 said...

To a large extent, the catastrophe of 9/11 was brought about because of our intercession on behalf of muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. As far as the Jihadis are concerned, they do not see a secular West, but a Christian West. Even the so-called secular Turkey, sees the EU of all entities, as a Christian club. When the Jihadis saw that Christian states not just stayed neutral, but actively assisted the Jihadis in their conquest of a part of Christendom in Europe itself, they were invigorated. In their eyes, it was a sign from allah, that victory had been given to them by allah. He had sown weakness in the minds of the Infidel. The success of the Jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo, gave Muslims the idea, that if they pushed just a bit harder, they would demoralise the West. 9/11 was the consequence.

Though Clinton bears a great deal of responsibilty in the Bosnia debacle, one must not forget the contributions of Tony Blair. He was the main architect and persuader for going to war on behalf of the "persecuted muslims". Clinton was after all too involved in the Monica affair.

I really cannot think what sort of circumstance will arise, that will lead to a disenchantment with Arab/muslim nations and people, with the official elite. 9/11 failed to do so, in fact it gave rise to even greeater dhimmitude in the US, and ditto in the UK after 7/7. Given the level of ignorance or fear or stupidity, I sometimes think that even a succession of nuclear bombs going of in the US and the UK, will not change such attitudes. They will die with them and take us along with them.

The paradox in this is that many muslims are keenly aware that they are in servitude to a hate-filled ideology. Their personal desires and ambitions are thwarted, as they are confined to a prison of faith. They see no means of escape except being freed by outside intervention. Our (the Wests) dhimmitude to islam, closes that option for them, leaving them no alternative but to reconcile themselves to their fate and faith. The reverse side of this coin is, that we are then surprised that there are no moderates in islam.


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