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How Will Europe Respond to Prolonged Islamic Terror?

'Hundreds of potential terrorists' in the UK

Police are monitoring "hundreds" of potential terrorists in Britain, according to Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary.

Iran opens garrison to recruit suicide bombers against West

A military garrison has been opened in Iran to recruit and train volunteers for “martyrdom-seeking operations”, according to the garrison’s commander, Mohammad-Reza Jaafari. Jaafari, a senior officer in the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), told a hard-line weekly close to Iran’s ultra-conservative President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the new “Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison” would recruit individuals willing to carry out suicide operations against Western targets. “The Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison has been activated and we will form a Martyrdom-seeking Division for each province in the country, organised in brigades, battalions and companies to defend Islam”, Jaafari told the weekly Parto-Sokhan. “The United States should know that we have nuclear weapons, but they are in the hearts of our suicide bombers”, Jaafari added.

Sweden seems to be paralyzed by fear already:

Rush hour madness

The man bellowed at me again, and, not knowing what he was saying, I turned to my fellow passengers. I was not expecting anyone to step in for me but I thought someone might offer a translation. But they looked away. They stared at newspapers, not reading, just looking. They stared out of the window. They stared straight ahead, apparently fascinated by the head of the person in front. One, a bleached, pock-marked youngster, chatted on his mobile phone. Of course, they've read about the psychiatric institutions turning away patients, they've read about the attacks, and they probably felt that to make eye contact would be to get involved and to get involved would be risky. I glanced again at the other passengers, hoping for a connection - just an acknowledgement of what had happened. Nothing. Not a nod, not a smile. Just staring, straight ahead, at the head in front.

A discussion in the comments here:

'5,000 suicide bombers in Germany'

Let us assume Backstien is right...that there are thousands of Muslims in Germany ready for "martyrdom"...and let's assume that there are similar numbers in France, the UK, Italy and elsewhere in Europe. The question then becomes, with the backround of this vast pool of recruits, why haven't there been more terror attacks in Europe? Why haven't there been scores of smaller terror attacks such as mall, cafe and church bombings that don't require the time and effort involved in planning the spectaculars? The answer is dosage. The beneficial repercussions of multiculturalist policies notwithstanding, Europe's Muslim communities are still marginal enough that their existential well-being remains dependent upon the good-will of their hosts.

As the demographics change and Muslims in Europe grow increasingly empowered by their numbers, they can be expected to exhibit a new assertiveness inside and outside the political arena. There will come a day that each Muslim defeat in the political arena, be it an electoral repudiation or a court ruling against certain tenets of Sharia, will be answered by a wave of Islamist terror attacks. The public discourse will be correspondingly altered and native capitulation will not be far behind. Muslim violence will become accepted as normative (much as it already has been by the liberal/left) a force of nature to be avoided at all costs.

Dosage is subject to revision commensurate with changes in objective conditions. It is a valuable tool when properly employed. And come that day when Muslims have finally achieved their goal of political pre-eminence...when Europe has joined the Realm of Islam and native Europeans are full-fledged dhimmis, the coercive violence of the terrorist bombing will be replaced with the coercion of the angry mob.


The long-term goal - and we shouldn't be squemish about stating this - is to encourage mass apostasy among Muslims. Apostasy in the widest sense - that is, muslims either leave islam or leave infidel lands. The question is how do we arrive at this point rapidly enough and before the demographic imperative leaves no choice for either us, or for potential apostate muslims. In the first instance, deporting illegal aliens, particularly muslims, then following it by deporting those who advocate terrorism, will deplete the islamic base in the West to a sufficient degree, that it is unable to facillitate jihadism in the West as easily.

As Islam is mainly a profit motive political ideology, masquerading as a religion, the pressures on muslims to change their ideology must also be based on a profit-cum-political basis. Islam has no real philosophical base, and as such, is immune to arguements based on morality or ethics. Thus deportation of the advocates of islamisation , terror etc will start to demoralise the islamic base. continues the islamic base. A number of muslims will leave of their own accord, or will leave islam, as they see no future for their goals in the West or they see no future for themselves or their children in a modern society.

What I'm getting here is that we have to give muslims some incentive to either leave islam or leave infidel lands. They are unlikely to do either, if what they see is the continuing islamisation of the West. Why would anyone in their right minds, wish to join what is perceived as the losing side? This to be followed by an insistence that the rules that define a liberal secular democracy have to be adhered to. For instance

1. The electrically amplified calls of the mezzuen are an invasion of the public square as well as an affront to other faiths.

2. Wearing clothes that signify the oppression of women is a symbol of acceptance of slavery as legitimate. Totally unacceptable.

3. Teaching islam in public schools is not acceptable, as the texts violate several; cherished values of the West.

What is being proposed here are certain ideas, none are racist or islamophobic, bigotted or anti-religious. They are just what defines Western civilisation ie rule of law, separation of church and state, equality of sexes etc. As I pointed out, 9/11 and othesr such massacres were chastisement delivered to the Western donkey to amke it movce in the right direction. It is the stick and carrots approach. Inessence, this what I'm proposing - stick and carrots approach. Generally works. The basic impulse of Islam is to expand into Infidel territory. The territory is not just physical but spiritual and intellectual. Unable to do so, it will collapse quite quickly in historic terms, and thus release the 1.2 billion souls in its enslavement. What more can one ask for.

The other great thing of this approach is, that we are will not be untrue to our own ideas of who and what we are.


At September 17, 2005 1:00 AM, Blogger John Sobieski said...

I agree apostasy is the only true solution. PC'ness be damned. Europe needs new leaders desperately to save them. Hell the US needs new leaders to save us. And so does Canada, and so does England. Only Australia seems to have a leader who is actually walking toward 'getting it' while ours seems to be standing still trembling.

John Sobieski, Pedestrian Infidel
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