Tuesday, March 08, 2005

UDI: Mullah Krekar will be expelled

Too good to be true? We've heard it before:

The Immigration Directorate (UDI) maintains its decision to expel Mullah Krekar, made in 2003. This is the conclusion made after UDI has heard an appeal by Krekar over the expulsion order. In February 2003 the UDI decided that Mullah Krekar would lose his refuge status, his travel documents, as well as his work and residence permits in the interest of national security. Krekar appealed the decision, and was allowed to stay in Norway pending the appeal. The UDI has based its final decision on what it calls "Krekar's serious breach of the Immigration Act", as well as repeating that it is in the interest of national security.

More about who Mullah Krekar is:

Mullah Krekar convicted of terrorism in Jordan


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