Wednesday, November 16, 2005

France: Despite Media Silence, Riots Continue

Via Western Resistance:

France: Despite Media Silence, Riots Continue

You wouldn't know it from watching the news on TV, but the French intifada continues. The French Parliament is on the verge of extending the emergency powers sought by Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. President Jacques Chirac, on the other hand, continues to show himself as a weak, confused "leader", vowing this time to "create more jobs", as if the rioters were not individuals with their own goals and motivations for rioting. I hope France will find its way, but I fear these riots herald heavier trials ahead for the French people: France MPs back emergency powers. The lower house of France's parliament has approved plans to extend special powers by three months to try to bring a wave of urban rioting under control. The emergency laws also need the approval of the Senate, which votes on the issue on Wednesday. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy had told deputies France was facing one of its "sharpest and most complex urban crises", which required "firmness". He said most of those arrested in the riots were already known delinquents.[...]


At November 16, 2005 8:49 PM, Blogger simulev said...

Another leader chronicle are starting to worry today.... May even Fittja, Gottsunda and Norrliden be struck??
“…Suburbs outside Paris. The replys a scary “We will kill all Jews here” is one example.”
Oh so far only them Joos again? Notice the next line “explanation”:
“The one who said this was of course young, unexperienced and with out education.”
Of course, no education at all in classical anti-Semitism.
“But then again was the other side Röhms SA-activists also seventy years ago, Can the same thing happen here? Sweden has undeniably a jobmarket that is even more regulated than France”
Erh, okaay, uneducated barbaric “Swedes” will soon roam the streets in rioting and pilaging… them Vikings again…


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