Thursday, August 04, 2005

Danish real estate pressure hits Malmö

It might surprise somebody that people actually want to move to Malmö, which seems to be one of the worst cities in Scandinavia. It is. But it is close to Denmark and connected to the country with a bridge. Because of Denmark's strict rules for marriage with foreigners, and Sweden's softness, there are some couples who circumvent the Danish rules by living in Malmö and commuting to Denmark. I believe this is supposed to be made more difficult now:

Danish real estate pressure hits Malmö

A deluge of Danish immigrants to southern Sweden is pressing housing prices up in Copenhagen's Swedish sister city, Malmö, Danish broadcaster DR reported on Thursday. In recent years, thousands of Danes have fled skyrocketing housing prices in Copenhagen and settled in Malmö, taking advantage of the Øresund bridge linking the two cities to commute to work. In the past year, however, real estate prices in Malmö have risen by 30 percent, compared with only 23 percent in Copenhagen, and the increase has been linked to the city's growing Danish ethnic minority. 'Danes, who can't afford buying a house in Copenhagen buy in Malmö instead, getting hundreds of thousands in annual equity,' emigration consultant Michael Kjeldsen said. 'A single person with DKK 20,000 in monthly wages can easily buy a home in Malmö and even afford a car - they're inexpensive in Sweden, too.'


5,255 Danes lived in Malmö in October 2004

3,200 Danes moved to southern Sweden in 2004.

57 percent are childless, employed, and aged 25-44 years

7,500 people commute between Copenhagen and Malmö every day


At August 06, 2005 1:03 AM, Blogger Renwaa said...

Perhaps the Danes can push out the muslims?

Which is worse for the Swedes--a Danish takover (OB!!! OB!!!) or unassimilated backa$$ culture from the armpits of the earth.

I'm being serious....



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