Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Majority of refugees lack ID

It doesn't feel good thinking this about your own nation, but I sometimes wonder whether this country is simply too stupid and weak to survive. If Norwegians really elect a Socialist majority in Parliament in September when Socialist politicians complain our immigration policies are "too restrictive", we deserve everything we get. If or when the Swedish welfare state breaks down, how are we going to cope with the hundreds of thousands of "welfare tourists" who will cross the long and little controlled border into Norway? Is there a single politician in Norway willing to discuss that?

Majority of refugees lack ID

Fully 94 percent of would-be refugees arriving in Norway lack valid identification papers. The acting chief of the Norwegian police unit in charge of national security calls that a threat. Signe Kathrine Aaling, who heads the police security unit PST, thinks that foreigners whose identities can't be confirmed constitute "a considerable security risk for our entire society." That's because asylum seekers without identification can be granted temporary residence and working permission in Norway while their case is being processed. That in turn gives them Norwegian identification papers. Aaling notes that the relatively easy process of obtaining work permission, and thereby a Norwegian bank account and credit card, also can be exploited by organized crime. PST officials are urging more comprehensive means of trying to confirm an asylum-seeker's identity as soon as they arrive in Norway. Terror researcher Brynjar Lia at the military research organization FFI notes that most active terror cells in Europe are multi-national, and that the need for identification papers is huge. Both false and legitimate identification papers are important resources for international terrorist groups, so their members can get past border controls, Lia said.


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