Thursday, June 23, 2005

London needs 2,000 more Muslim police -- Commissioner

London needs another 2,000 Muslim police officers, Britain's most senior police officer said Thursday. London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair also defended the rise in stop and search of Muslim suspects and said they would continue. In an interview with the "Muslim News" newspaper, Sir Ian said "What I really need is more Muslim police officers. "We've got 200 to 300 members in the Muslim Police Association. I want as many as I can get. "If something like one-in-nine Londoners is a Muslim than I want one-in-nine police officers to be a Muslim. Which means we are currently 2,000 short." Figures released last February showed that the number of searches under the UK Terrorism Act 2000 rose 36 percent to 29,400 in 2003/04. Of these, 12.5 percent involved Asians, even though they make up just 4.7 percent of the population in England and Wales. Sir Ian said "The percentages are actually involving numbers less than 10 people a day out of a Muslim population of 700,000 and a million in London. He said "The intelligence reports that I see and my colleagues and security services see tell us that there is a credible threat." Earlier this year his predecessor Sir John Stevens claimed there are possibly more than 200 al Qaida-trained terrorists walking the streets of Britain. Sir Ian said "the jury is out" on whether his officers would start to record the religion of stop and search suspects. "It's an ongoing debate. I'm not persuaded, this seems a very intrusive question to me".


At June 25, 2005 10:19 AM, Blogger ik said...

Did you know that in 2001 there were massive riots in Britain between the local white youth and the descendants of the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis?

The media found it too politically incorrect to call them religious riots (called "communal riots" in India) between Christians and Muslims, so they called them "race riots" - Oldham race riots!

The detail left out was that the descendants of the Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs/Jains did not participate - so how could they be race riots?

There is a strong movement among Hindus and Sikhs in Britain to dissociate themselves from the Muslims.
"What is happening in Britain? It is as close to a controlled social experiment as it gets. There is a clear distinction between ghettoized Pakistani- and Bangladeshi-origin, ill-educated, unemployed youth who are rioting in the streets and upwardly-mobile, well-educated, bankers, lawyers and other professionals of Indian origin. As I suggested some time ago in my column, 'Why I am not a South Asian,' Indian-origin Britishers resent being lumped in with these delinquent Pakistani/Bangladeshi types, and they are now vocal about it, too."

In November, The Daily Telegraph reported that a group of Sikhs and Hindus from Southall, (London), had begun talks with British National Party, a right extremist party, to counter the threat they said Muslims were posing to their society.

It is India - Not South Asia!

At June 25, 2005 10:22 AM, Blogger ik said...

Sorry fjordman - I got impatient and hit the button couple of times - delete off the extra comments


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