Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Danish TV News to be Investigated for Alleged Political Bias

I've seen several Danish blogs exposing what to me appears to be rather blatant examples of leftist bias in the news coverage in Denmark. Opinions polls in Norway have confirmed that about 70 % of the journalists support Socialist parties, including hard-left ones. Bear in mind that even some centrist or "conservative" parties by Scandinavian standards would probably be Democrats in the USA. Which means that 80 - 90 % of Norwegian journalists would be Democrats. This is bound to have an effect on our news coverage:

DR and TV2-s news to be investigated

The government and Danish People’s Party (DF) want to have DR and TV2 investigated to check whether the two public service stations fulfil requirements on impartiality and objectivity in their news coverage. The Liberal-Conservative coalition and DF have set aside 5 million kroner from surplus TV license fees towards an independent research project which will investigate and evaluate whether the two stations’ comply with public service obligations. Culture Minister, Brian Mikkelsen, told newspaper Jyllands-Posten that the investigation is important because the stations dominate the market but denied that the research will be conducted from a political angle.


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