Friday, June 03, 2005

French Prosecutors Eye Chirac

Prosecutors in France are waiting for President Jacques Chirac to leave office so they can investigate corruption charges against the controversial French leader. "Several prosecutors we talked to would love to have him," Fox News Channel's Greg Palkot reported on Monday. "But as long as he's in the president's chair, he's immune to any prosecution." Once Chirac leaves office, however, "he could be prosecuted on a range of corruption charges," Palkot said. Prominent Chirac allies have been on trial in France since March, accused of rigging public works contracts to arrange millions of dollars in kickbacks to Chirac's political party. The trial, which is expected to run until the end of July, implicates four former ministers and spotlights one of several scandals that have come to light from Chirac's tenure as Paris mayor from 1977-1995. The investigation was opened in 1997. Chirac has just 22 months before his second term ends. Efforts are currently under way to arrange "something special for Chirac to preserve his immunity," Palkot said. "So far, those efforts have failed."


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