Thursday, June 02, 2005

France to offer Libya nuclear cooperation deal

France will "soon" offer Libya a cooperation agreement to help Tripoli develop its civilian nuclear energy programme. "The principle of cooperation in the area of peaceful applications of nuclear energy is a given, but the content has yet to be defined. We’re still in the exploratory phase," said ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei. "We will soon offer an agreement to the Libyans on what can be done," the spokesman told reporters. France’s ambassador to Tripoli on Monday handed Libyan Foreign Minister Abdelrahman Shalgham an official note announcing France’s readiness to cooperate with Tripoli on its nuclear power projects, officials said. The note changed hands before French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin presented his resignation, and that of his government, on Tuesday. During a visit by President Jacques Chirac last November, Libyan leader Moamer Qaddafi said his nation had renounced weapons of mass destruction and hoped that the transfer of technology would permit the oil-rich nation to develop a nuclear programme for peaceful means. On that occasion Chirac — the first French head of state to visit Tripoli since Libyan independence from Italy in 1951 — vowed to forge a "true partnership" with Libya.


At June 02, 2005 7:19 PM, Blogger A 6th Generation American said...

This is all well and good until France turns Islamic. What then?

At June 02, 2005 10:35 PM, Blogger Runnymede1215 said...

Well, I guess it's true, Chirac has never met a dictator he didn't like.

Our ruling european elite are irresponsible children, wishful thinkers playing with the lives of future generations with their dreams of a "multipolar" world.


At June 03, 2005 6:09 AM, Blogger Don Miguel said...

Chirac will bend over for anyone that has the money.


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