Thursday, April 28, 2005

Global Al Jazeera will not spit venom at US

Al Jazeera will soon launch a global English-language channel. But don't worry, it won't be anti-American or pro-Jihadist. You see, they will emulate the Burka Broadcasting Corporation:

Global Al Jazeera will not spit venom at US

The Arab satellite-TV network Al Jazeera says that its upcoming global English-language channel will not pursue an anti-US policy and will be careful while using words such as "suicide bomber" and "martyr", its chief said. The channel, expected to go on air before the end of this year, will follow the ethical guidelines of the BBC, Nigel Parsons, managing director of Al Jazeera International, said over the weekend. "We won't be pursuing any anti-US policy in the new network and we shall be careful about the word 'terrorist'," he told an audience of more than 300 journalists and academicians at the fourth Eurasian Media Forum in Almaty. Parsons said that he would keep the editorial content objective by presenting both sides of a story."One person's suicide bomber can be another person's freedom fighter so we shall be very careful on how we select words," he said, adding that the new channel would work from the Middle Eastern perspective by seeking balanced reporting.


At April 28, 2005 3:23 PM, Blogger chaoticsynapticactivity said...

Maybe they are worried that once they say things in English, people will really begin to see who thay now they must choose their words carefully.

At April 28, 2005 7:21 PM, Blogger the adventuress said...

O/t but of interest to Fjordman and readers: Rune over at Gates of Vienna has some translations of some long, great articles about the awful PC situation in Sweden:

Well worth reading all the posts on this.

At April 29, 2005 12:49 AM, Anonymous Knut said...

Actually, this might be a good thing. I suspect they will use some of the same material for reports in all theier networks, and this might moderate their Middle-east network. We'll see how it develops.

At April 29, 2005 3:30 AM, Blogger Don Miguel said...

The ethical guidelines of the BBC? Ha, ha, ha!

At April 29, 2005 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don miguel posted :the ethical guidelines of the BBC? Ha, ha, ha!

I suppose they will be contacting Orla Goebbels of the BBC, on how to report from Israel.

I expect such nonsense from Al-jazheera. The real tragedy is that of the BBC. It is not just biased, but stupid and arrogant at the same time.

This is what comes about, when you have tax-payer funded broadcasting monopoly.



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