Monday, December 05, 2005

U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes

U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes

Geopolitical limitations render Israel's air force militarily incapable of halting Iran's nuclear weapons program according to a new report published the by U.S. Army War College. The report asserts Israel lacks the military capability to locate and destroy Iranian nuclear assets. The report said the Israel Air Force cannot operate at such long distances from its bases. "The Israeli Air Force has formidable capabilities and enjoys unchallenged supremacy vis-à-vis the other Middle East air powers, but Israel has no aircraft carriers and it cannot use airbases in other Middle East states," the report entitled "Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran," said. "Therefore its operational capabilities are reduced when the targets are located far from its territory." Brom said Iranian nuclear assets are located between 1,500 and 1,700 kilometers from Israel. The report expressed doubts whether such Israeli allies as India and Turkey would allow Israel to launch a military strike from their territory.


At December 05, 2005 9:22 PM, Blogger Reliapundit said...

the idf can't hit the sites and RETURN. but they can hit them and ditch.

nevertheless i believe that the USA will have to do it preemptively. bush will do it before he leaves office.

At December 05, 2005 9:46 PM, Blogger tryingtolearn said...

The US Army War College also recently published a report arguing the world is going to have to come to grips with the fact Iran is going to become a nuclear knowledge power. Meaning Iran at least will possess the knowledge and infrastructure to produce a nuclear weapon rapidly but may refrain from having an arsenal for political reasons.

The question of who controls those weapons will be the biggest deterrent to Israeli military action in Iran. Rather than re-motivate a rapidly de-aging population to unifying ideologies of fundamentalism and isolation with a preemptive attack, Israel would be better off using its considerable expertise in psychological warfare and information manipulation to influence a new system of governance with the coming of age population in Iran.

At December 05, 2005 10:20 PM, Blogger tefta said...

"U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes"

Wanna bet?

At December 06, 2005 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the idf can't hit the sites and RETURN. but they can hit them and ditch."


Those were my thoughts too. As the 1981 preemptive attack the on Osirak Nuclear Reactor in Iraq shows, the Israelis are very capable and willing to protect themselves when necessary.

Although the logistics of an attack on Iran seem impossible, I would never discount Israel. History has repeatedly shown they have done the impossible when defending themselves.

At December 06, 2005 4:29 PM, Blogger Oscar in Kansas said...

I spent last night reading the first 6 or 7 chapters of the report. It is all but too late today. We won't stop them. In 6 months or a year Iran will have the fuel, all the components and the technical knowledge to assemble atomic bombs. They already have the missiles to deliver them 800 or 1000 miles.

Again, the EU won't stop it. The UN won't stop it. The US will not stop this. Neither will the Israelis. Iran is too far from Israel, there are too many targets over too vast a space for the Israeli Air Force to do enough damage to stop the Iranian Bomb. At best they could delay it, but only for a while and only by risking war.

Iran may not test the Shiite Bomb for a while but by next Christmas the mullahs will be, as the report puts it, one turn of a screw away from an atomic warhead. This is reality. We have to prepare ourselves to this and all the ramifications.

At December 06, 2005 11:47 PM, Blogger Don Miguel said...

How about this for a ramification? Iran only needs one decent sized nuclear bomb to knock the Great Satan back to the 19th century. A current of EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) could be generated if a nuclear bomb is detonated high enough above the earth's atmosphere over the United States. It can done with a missile launched from a ship off of the coast, a relatively easy task given that Iran has reportedly already test fired missiles into the atmosphere from a ship in the Indian Ocean.


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