Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shooting drama in downtown Oslo

Pakistani gangs create trouble in Norway:

Shooting drama in downtown Oslo

Police are looking for at least one named person after gunshots were fired outside a pub in the heart of the Norwegian capital. The shooting took place in Stortingsgate (Parliament Street) in front of Andy's Pub, just to the right of the gathered policemen. The culprit fired around wildly," Andy's Pub bartender Terje Andresen told The incident occurred just after Thursday midnight near the Norwegian parliament and left a 28-year-old man lying in the road, injured in the chin. First reports claimed the man had been stabbed but police denied this on Friday morning. "He has been cut on the chin, in other words, slightly injured. But this is not a knife wound, it could be from a fall or something else," said shift leader Kjell Pedersen of Oslo police. Pedersen said the man is the victim in the incident. Pedersen said that they had a tip on the identity of the shooter and that 10-20 witnesses had been questioned so far. The area is dotted with restaurants and pubs and there were plenty of people out in the street when trouble began. The shooting occurred after a person, who witnesses said was dark-skinned, chased another person into the street near Andy's Pub. "The whole place threw themselves on the floor. Our bouncer got passersby into the pub. I think I heard four or five shots," Andresen said. Newspaper VG reported that the shots were aimed at two members of the so-called "A-gang", both of whom have survived attempts on their lives before. The two men referred to have done prison time for shooting at members of the rival "B-gang". Police would not comment if the incident had a gang angle.


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