Friday, November 18, 2005

Refugee children smuggled into Norway

Refugee children smuggled into Norway

Hundreds of refugee children as young as age five have been smuggled into Norway this year. Most are sent by desperate, cynical parents, aided by professional smugglers who demand high payments. "People-smuggling, especially that involving children, is organized crime in the vast majority of cases," said Atle Roll-Martinsen at Norway's special criminal investigative unit Kripos. He said it's improbable that children can reach Norway on their own, and that they rely on help along the way. The children themselves are believed to have been supplied with stories to explain how they got to Norway. In one case, a boy around eight years old said his mother and siblings in Kosovo were dead, and that he left Kosovo with his father. He claimed they were then separated in Germany. An investigation into his case, however, found his parents and siblings living in Greece. When confronted with this information, the boy was saddened, but reportedly relieved that his lie had been revealed. Plans were made to reunite the boy with his family.

More hidden terrorists in Norway

The Algerians arrested in Italy are not the only potential terrorists in Norway, security forces said Thursday. "We know that there are persons in Norway today that can be linked to the terrorist network abroad," Martin Bernsen, information adviser at the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) told The PST will not disclose how many persons they are referring to, or how many different nationalities are involved.


At November 19, 2005 4:11 PM, Blogger simulev said...

"More hidden terrorists in Norway"

What, you too have them?
Sweden secure place for terrorists –Swedish Security Police statement.
So said an earlier article where the Swedish security police held an seminar for medical staff. From this article one finds following statements:

"International terrorism is financed and organized from Sweden.
-Sweden is a “safe heaven” for terrorists. Here they can work and operate without feeling threatened.

-In Sweden there is “doers”, I.e fixers that organizes and collects money to terrorism. I think the foundation to this is in the Swedish society and the segragation we have with exposed areas like Rosengård (Malmö) and Alby (Stockholm).
Younger seekers
- younger “seekers” that are stuck in a criminal living is recruited to organizations that moves them into Jihad. It is not a phenomena amongst second generation immigrants, but even young with Swedish sounding names. "

*Siight* … Those violent Buddhist…To calm down I better read Aftonbladet today's edition instead.

"He praises the murderer
[regarding another “swede”, his friend, that was caught in former Yugoslavia, just before he would conduct a terrorist attack]

Abu Usama el Swede is born in Sweden by Swedish parents converted to Islam in the end of the 90-ies and is today perceived by some as one of the most militant Muslims in Sweden.
…And I have nothing to hide. Swedish Security police has not got in touch with me.
Abu Usama el Swede was two years ago sentenced because of violence and drug crimes. He is previously sentenced for drug smuggling and assault.

All is fine and calm in Sweden, nothing to see here, now move along.


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