Thursday, October 13, 2005

Norway: Immigrant Gangs Steal From the Poor

Gangs steal from the poor

Good Samaritan Arne Skarpsno accuses organized groups of stealing food that he is trying to hand out to weary alcoholics and drug addicts. Skarpsno, a pensioner who has attracted widespread attention for his tireless efforts to help the disadvantaged, despite having little himself, said that his latest efforts are being foiled by immigrants. Among the crowds of needy who daily line up to receive bags of food are organized groups of well-dressed men who do not appear to need a handout, and hoard as much as they can. "It makes me furious, because they are not the ones I want to help. But I can't turn anyone away, then I'll be called a racist," Skarpsno told newspaper Dagsavisen. Dagsavisen reports that groups of immigrant men go repeatedly through the food queue, reversing their jackets or putting on caps to avoid being recognized. They then sort their takings into larger bags. "Parasites that sponge are a problem. We cannot have this in case the food ends up in shops. Arne has to sort this out. It is just this kind of hoarding, large-scale, that forced us to stop his handing out food at Plata (an addict gathering place in downtown Oslo)," Kåre Stølen, chief at Grønland police station, told Dagsavisen. Stølen said that Skarpsno had to either stop the hoarding or coordinate his charity efforts with local authorities.

Minister pledges to end immigrant crime

Having a non-Danish background means you are much more likely to commit a crime, a new report from the Ministry of Justice reveals. Last year, the police pressed charges against five times as many second-generation immigrants than ethnic Danes, when measured by 1000 people in each population group. First-generation immigrants committed twice as many crimes as Danes did. Justice Minister Lene Espersen told national broadcaster DR that she found the statistics shocking. 'It's an overrepresentation that screams in your face that we need a massive effort to turn the development,' she said. 'There are unbelievably many young people with immigrant backgrounds who get involved in petty crime and are charged. That's why I've asked all 54 police districts to go through their plans, adjust them, and report what their strategy is. The information will be collected in a report before next year,' Espersen said.


At October 14, 2005 11:39 AM, Blogger RobertinArabia said...

"It makes me furious, because they are not the ones I want to help. But I can't turn anyone away, then I'll be called a racist."

True Viking courage 2005

At October 14, 2005 6:07 PM, Blogger José said...

Of course the liberal answer is that you are racist. When your racism is over all the problems will finish, because as everybody knows only white people are malignant.


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