Saturday, July 30, 2005

India to install sensors, floodlights along Bangladesh border

Notice how even India is suffering from illegal Muslim immigration. Muslims everywhere seem to be busy getting to infidel democracies, while at the same time trying to recreate their Islamic failures in their new home countries:

India to install sensors, floodlights along Bangla border

India may soon import advanced sensors and other gadgets from the US to check the influx of illegal Bangladeshi migrants into the northeast region through a semi-porous border. A Border Security Force (BSF) official said a team of experts from the federal home ministry is expected to visit the Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, US, to shop for sophisticated electronic devices to arm paramilitary frontier guards in effectively checking infiltration from Bangladesh. "Sensors devised at the Sandia National Laboratories are being used in the United States to check cross-border infiltration and the team of experts would be exploring the possibilities of using the same along the border with Bangladesh," a senior BSF commander told IANS requesting anonymity. India and Bangladesh share a 4,095-km border. There are no estimates as to how many illegal migrants are residing in the northeast - identifying a Bangladeshi from an Indian border villager is almost impossible.

Our prisons are fertile ground for cultivating suicide bombers

TWO OF Britain’s bombers, Richard Reid and Muktar Said-Ibrahim, converted or reconverted to Islam in prison. This is a very small number, of course, but as we have just seen, it does not take large numbers of such people to effect a huge change in a country’s atmosphere. And the omens for the emergence of more of them are not good. First, the number of Muslim prisoners has risen sixfold over the past 15 years. They are mostly of Pakistani descent, and the relative absence of people of subcontinental origin who follow other religions is equally striking.


At July 30, 2005 10:39 PM, Blogger Jude the Obscure said...

The Islamist birthrate is the reason. They are simply overrunning their own areas. They see the world of the non-Islamist and think it will remain the same once they have taken it over. They can't get their heads around western type thinking. They really can't. Just as westerners can't get their heads around Islamist thinking.

At July 31, 2005 1:01 AM, Blogger ik said...

There are at least 20 million illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India. Even a small attempt to deport 10 people results in large articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, Al Guardian, Bismillah Broadcasting Corp, AmNASTY International etc. etc. - Leftism has become a fully globalised international industry. Hopefully an attempt to to dump illegal immigrants in some prominent Western country will give us sufficient "media space" to do the same in our county.

The Bangladeshi media openly talk about "lebensraum" (Yes they do know and use _that_ word) and the taking over of India's 7 Northeastern states.

Ethnic Cleansing in Bangladesh
(Warning: the photos are very brutal)

Housewives of minority families raped en masse

A Bangladeshi Muslim female author "Taslima Nasreen" highlighted the rapes of Hindu girls in Bangladesh in her book "Lajja" (meaning Shame) She had to run away to Sweden

Bangladesh has among the highest birth rates in the World (I think No 2 after Saudi Arabia). The Indian Muslims also do not practice birth control (Called "family planning" in India) The number of legal Indian Muslims has gone from 7% to 15% from 1947.
The number of Hindus in Bangladesh has gone from 30% to 10% and decreasing fast.

When President Bush gave the "axis" of evil speech - the joke in India was that the "axis" exists in a "semicircle" around India

At July 31, 2005 2:20 AM, Blogger Don Miguel said...

The way to stop AI, the ACLU, the MSM and all of their multicultural ilk is to move the people that they support (illegals, Islamists, etc.) next door to them and wait for the pot to boil over.

At July 31, 2005 4:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a pattern here. Chop off a piece of India, turn it into a violent poverty-stricken Islamofascist hellhole. People flee en masse to the nearest non-Islamofascist hellhole. Chop off another piece of India, turn that into a violent poverty-stricken Islamofascist hellhole; millions flee to the nearest non-Islamofascist hellhole. Chop off another piece of India -- well, you get the idea.

This will happen in Europe and North America too, if we let it. India's assault by a thousand chops is our future too. Why do we refuse to see it?

At July 31, 2005 4:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops that didn't come out right. I didn't mean to imply that India was a hellhole. What I meant was that it was a non-Islamifascist-non-hellhole!

At September 03, 2005 7:57 AM, Blogger Ron said...

I think you must be my Norwegian long lost brother (as the American saying goes). Some of your thoughts are exactly line mine. Actually I do have some Norwegian ancestry, my grandmothers surname by birth is Ness.

I too notice that they sure love to criticize us dirty infidels and our horrible democracy, but they sure love to try to move to our countries.

But its like they want to try to bring their laws from their old home country, which are part of the problem their home country is so fucked up, to their new country. Well that brings up many questions.

If they do not like the laws of a country, why try and emigrate there?

And if hypothetically they were able to get sharia law in a western country which would then screw up that country, are they then going to move to yet another prosperous western democracy, and then try to get sharia there too?


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