Wednesday, June 08, 2005

U.S. prisons becoming Islam battleground

It's Friday on Rikers Island, time for weekly worship for nearly a quarter of the city jail's 14,000 inmates. The men, Muslims, file quietly into a classroom of white cinderblock that serves as their mosque. Incense burns to chase away a sour smell from the hall, as the inmates sit quietly on sheets stamped "Department of Corrections" covering the linoleum floor. Imam Menelik Muhammad is delivering the day's sermon. As he stands beneath a Quranic prayer on the wall facing Mecca, he urges the prisoners to reform. "You will not be considered a Muslim," he admonishes, "unless people are considered safe from your hands and your tongue." Across the United States, tens of thousands of Muslims are practicing their faith behind bars. But the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have brought new scrutiny to Muslim inmates, many of whom are black men focused on surviving incarceration. The FBI calls prisons "fertile ground for extremists." The reality is harder to read: Those on opposing sides have such divergent views they seem irreconcilable. Who's right matters not only for national security, but for the development of American Islam itself, which is struggling to be accepted alongside the major faiths in the United States.


At June 08, 2005 4:38 PM, Blogger Jakester said...

Islam is the perfect religion for violent, stupid, anti-social criminal punks you find in prison, you know the ones who blame racism, society, the cops instead of themselves for their lot!

At June 08, 2005 7:31 PM, Blogger erp said...

Islam is now and always has been accepted as one of the many religions practiced in the United States. There has never been a prohibition on the Muslim faith as practiced by peaceful, law abiding citizens of our country. We didn't move away from them, the problem arose when many if not most Moslems changed, not their religion, but their allegiance from the United States to terrorist organizations both here and abroad.

There was little or no outrage when violence in the name of their blood thirsty God came to our shores. There were no mass demonstrations of solidarity with us, their fellow countrymen, from the Islamic community after 9/11. The president said, you are either with us or with the terrorists. The Muslim community made it clear, they are with the terrorists, and still there were no reprisals against Muslims living in the U.S. Muslim school children weren't shunned, Muslim women weren't stoned, Muslim men weren't beheaded, mosques weren't bombed and yet there is relentless hatred and invective against us both from within and without our borders.

And still the civil rights of these individuals are protected and their first amendment right to free speech continues to be guaranteed by our laws. Our people and our legendary tolerance are being sorely tested. The people who are aching to replace the land of the free and the home of the brave with the horrors of Islamic law and the whims of Allah would do well to ponder what their position would be in such a state.

The youths pictured above in Sweden and Norway are ignorant of the ways of Islam. They, like their counterparts round the world, don't understand that if they get their wish, they will be eliminated, as will gays, feminists, and all others who do not knuckle under to the repressive ways of 12th century sadists.

At June 08, 2005 8:22 PM, Blogger Don Miguel said...

erp is right. You can count on one hand the number of Muslim "leaders" in the U.S. that condemn Islamic terrorism and terrorists.

What is even worse about Islam in U.S. prisons is that those who minister to the prisoners are almost exclusively Wahhabis.


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