Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Creating An Islamic State

The pattern of infiltration, peaceful co-existence, expansion, covert efforts to destabilize, demands for legal exemptions to practice Islam, overt efforts to destabilize, demands for a separate state, and civil war are as old as Islam. What appears to be new (starting in the late1800's, but really picking up steam around 1980) is the global support network for these efforts. Steven Emerson's book, "American Jihad, The terrorists living among us", does an excellent job of detailing the loosely coupled global support network which has been providing extensive funding, training, manuals & videos, organizational meetings, and planning to aid people in propelling countries towards becoming Islamic States. Encourage people to believe that they are working for peace and the good of their country, and you can get them to destroy their friends and themselves. Remember that when you are weak that you should blend in and very, very few people need to be aware of the objectives and the methods. The mass of the population does not need to know and should not know that there is a plan. Remember yours is a religion of peace. At this point you want everyone to believe you are a peaceful and productive part of society, especially Muslims themselves.


At June 07, 2005 7:13 PM, Blogger ik said...

We will either have a divided India or a destroyed India,"

--Mohammed Ali Jinnah (CREATOR OF PAKISTAN) thundered as Muslim League members cheered him lustily. This was in late July, 1946, a fortnight before Jinnah's "direct action" to force India's colonial rulers in London to concede his demand for a separate Muslim homeland.

At June 08, 2005 12:30 PM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Things are slowly getting out of hand over there huh?

Don't tolerate them. Expell them. They will not rest till they take you over. Do not tolerate Intolerance!

At June 08, 2005 8:17 PM, Blogger skidd said...

sandmonkey, You are absolutely right. Islam is a political system wrapped in a veneer of religion. This political system - an islamic government - seeks to replace the host country's government. Muslims will eat up your freedoms, institutions, and eventually your whole country, one demand at a time.

Get them out while there is still time.


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