Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Shot fired through Malmö politician's window

Trouble in Malmö - again. Sweden's third largest city, or the "Scandinavian Beirut", has been mentioned here quite a few times before. Massive immigration has turned it into a nightmare of street violence, rapes and general chaos. It seems to be turning into a battle between Muslim gangs and neo-Nazis. Malmö's Mayor Ilmar Reepalu was mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago about the general collapse of Swedish society:

"This is one of Sweden's finest meeting places," says the Prime Minister as he enters the platform after listening to Socialist anthem The Internationale. "In a Malmö I love. Sweden's face to the world." Persson doesn't notice that the police are taking action against a neo-Nazi counterdemonstration nearby. "Open to the winds of the world lies my fair country," says Persson. "There is no greater freedom than security. A society with clean air, clean water and safe people, open to the world.". It's 3.3o pm and a police patrol is cutting down a doll resembling a politician being hanged, carrying a photo of Malmö's Mayor Ilmar Reepalu.

Shot fired through Malmö politician's window

A shot was fired through the first floor window of the home of Malmö commissioner, Ilmar Reepalu, early on Sunday morning. Nobody was hurt in the attack, but it's the latest and most serious incident apparently connected to a local controversy over the care of a 98 year old man. Police were called at 8.26 yesterday morning following reports of shots being fired at the Sofielund home of Reepalu, one of Malmö's leading Social Democrat politicians. On arriving at the scene, officers discovered a single bullet hole through a first floor window. Both Reepalu and his wife were out at the time and their home was empty. It's thought a pistol or revolver was used. The shooting is being treated as a political crime and Säpo, the security police with responsibility for protecting politicians, have been called in. Last Thursday, a black swastika was sprayed onto another of Reepalu's windows. Reepalu has been at the centre of a local political storm during the last few weeks over what should happen to 98 year old Gustaf Holmström. Holmström refused to be taken home following hospital treatment, saying he did not feel safe there and demanding a place in a home for the elderly. The local council wanted to provide him with an alarm and home help. Reepalu was interviewed by SVT's Sydnytt and Rapport news programmes in April, following which he was inundated with hate mail. Some of the letters and e-mails he received made personal threats against him. One of the letters came from senior Malmö police officer, Bengt Lindström. In his letter, Lindström demanded Reepalu withdraw "the enormous subsidies to all the bloody niggers." Reepalu reported Lindström, who is now the subject of an investigation. Last week, Reepalu lodged a complaint regarding the news programmes with the broadcasting watchdog 'Granskningsnämnden för Radio och TV'. In his complaint, he claimed that SVT had heavily edited the interviews and given a false impression.


At May 25, 2005 1:18 PM, Blogger A 6th Generation American said...

A future history?

… The looters were led by leaders of all nationalities. Politics and skin color, everything second to the call of Allah. Quickly they gathered. From the ghettos and apartment buildings they spilled into the streets screaming Allu Akbar, a solid mass with a single purpose. Unified by their faith in Islam, the Muslim mobs chanted as the marched by torchlight, their blood lust for the infidel a burning hatred fanned by Imams and clerics. They marched with meat cleavers and knives, bats and chains, guns and guile in search of the unbelievers.

The native born unbelievers were hapless and terrorized victims. The Muslim mobs plundered and set churches and business afire. The night was filled with sparks, choking smoke, and dead kafirs. The screams of women, raped in their own homes could hardly be heard above the single Muslim voice in the night. The phone lines burned with calls for help, but there was no response, the police could not arrest their fellow Muslims. The destruction and looting was staged by the Islamic bureaucracy, the police a vital cog.

Local militias were called up, but their ranks were rotten with the Muslim disease. All authority crumbled and disappeared from the streets as the local police joined in the looting and plundering of the neighborhoods. And this night was but a rehearsal, a test run to taste the blood of the infidels.

By the end of the week all of Norway burned as the Muslim mobs danced in the blood soaked streets. The protesting voices of the fair haired had finally been fully silenced.

Will you stand by and watch this dreadful scenario unfold? Can it be stopped?

At May 25, 2005 3:59 PM, Blogger Oscar in Kansas said...

Fjordman - How many neo-Nazis groups are in Scandanavia? How widespread are are fascist ideas? Is the swastika used primarily as an anti-Islam symbol or is it really a sign of true Nazism?

I've written about the rise of neo-nationalists and anti-Islam native forces many times but I am continually surprosed by the lack of attention by the MSM. Do you sense a growing anti-muslim sentiment in Scandanavia or are these just scattered incidents?


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