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“Women who go to hairdressers will go to hell”

“Women who go to hairdressers will go to hell”

An imam has infuriated the nation during a Friday prayer session by insisting that Muslim girls should cover themselves from head to toe and condemning women who use perfume. Text of the sermon is to be sent to Muslim schools. Muslim girls should cover themselves from head to toe, and neither wear perfume nor go to the hairdressers if they want to have any chance of going to heaven.

The sermon at last week’s Friday prayer at Copenhagen’s Islamic Religious Community, one of Denmark’s biggest Muslim congregations, shocked the nation and generated angry responses from politicians and integration experts alike. Raed Hleihel, an imam visiting from Århus, told men at the congregation to go home and make sure their wives and daughters draped every inch of their bodies with clothing.

‘I would like a Muslim girl to name one heavenly wise man, who permitted her to wear only a light veil over her hair and claim she was veiled, although her body was visible,’ Hleihel said. ‘A woman who wants to call herself a believer must cover herself completely, according to the sharia rules.’ The imam went as far as saying that women who went to the hairdresser’s and wore perfume would go to Hell.

When news broke of the sermon, integration consultants and politicians rallied to denounce it as ‘medieval’ and ‘bigoted.’ The congregation’s spokesman, Kasem Said Ahmed, said the imam expressed his own personal views in his sermon. Nevertheless, the Islamic Religious Community taped the sermon and took it upon itself to distribute it to schoolgirls in Muslim private schools, so that they and their parents could follow Hleihel’s instructions, daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten reported on Monday.

So, even though Danish Muslims thought this was the imam’s “personal views”, they didn’t find them more disagreeable than to distribute them in schools throughout Denmark. As one commentator on Danish blog Uriaposten notes, audio cassettes have been a preferred way of Islamists to spread their message since the days of Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1970s. Since the government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen was recently re-elected with promises to continue integration efforts in Denmark, Integration Minister Rikke Hvilshøj has called a meeting with Danish imams:

Integration Minister Rikke Hvilshøj has called a meeting with Danish imams in order to discuss sex equality. The meeting, which will take place at Copenhagen University, comes after Statistics Denmark reported last month that up to 13,000 immigrant women have little or no contact with Danish society. At the time, the newly appointed Integration Minister said that if these women were held back by their husbands, then that was totally unacceptable and a problem that would have to be addressed. On Wednesday, the minister characterised sex equality as one of the cornerstones of Danish society, and insisted that all groups in society should respect this irrespective of their religion.

Immigrant women isolated from society

A large share of immigrant women in Denmark live in almost complete isolation from Danish society, and this might make it more difficult for the government to fulfil its promise to get 25,000 immigrants into jobs over the next five years. Some 100,000 immigrant women of working age live in Denmark, and 60 percent of these are currently unem-ployed. Among women who come from Lebanon, Somalia and Afghanistan, the rate of unemployment is as high as 85 to 90 percent. At the same time, calculations from Statistics Denmark have shown that up to 13,000 immigrant women have little or no contact with Danish society. Newly appointed Integration Minister Rikke Hvilshøj said that if these women were held back by their husbands, then that was totally unacceptable and a problem that would have to be addressed.

The anti-immigration Danish People's Party wishes to stop all mother-tongue teaching of ethnic minority children in Danish schools to force stronger integration, but has so far not got support for this by the government. Meanwhile, segregation is actively being promoted by Muslim groups in Denmark:

Muslim fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has pulled out all the stops in a recruitment campaign to lure young immigrants to a meeting on Sunday at Copenhagen's Nørrebrohallen. "We know that they're appealing in large part to young people under 18. And at that age, people are especially impressionable, and may be conflicted about their identity, opinions, and values. It is important that we encourage an open discussion on how to tackle this problem," said Stribold. On Wednesday, Jyllands-Posten reported that Hizb uh-Tahrir was recruiting young people at Brøndby Station Center and surrounding S-train stations in Copenhagen's western suburbs. Teachers, social workers, and consultants from Brøndby Council told the newspaper that moderate young Muslims often felt pressured by their more devout, fundamentalist counterparts. In some cases, young, integrated Muslims have been physically threatened.

The veil and the seclusion of Muslim immigrant women have practical results for their physical health and well-being, which is suffering:

Mums get cripple warning

Asian women in Greater Manchester have been warned that their lifestyle could lead to crippling disabilities in later life. Medical tests on women in Tameside and Rochdale revealed serious deficiencies in vitamin D which is essential to maintain healthy bones in later life. Blood samples taken from the women revealed that one-in-four had a severe deficiency and 90 per cent had inadequate levels of vitamin D. Scientists who conducted the survey say it is highly likely that these results would be repeated throughout the entire south Asian female population of Greater Manchester. Vitamin D deficiency leads to brittle bones. Later in life women with the condition suffer from severe aches and pains in the joints. Multiple fractures are also common. Another danger is rickets - severely bowed legs, a result of the bones being unable to carry bodyweight. Even more sinister, mothers who have a vitamin D deficiency, can pass the condition on to their children through breast milk. The deficiency is all the more tragic since it is easy and cheap to overcome - more sunlight and a change of diet is all that is needed. "The trouble is many Asian women are receiving a double whammy. Because of traditional lifestyles and dress they do not get enough sunlight which is the main source of vitamin D. Oily fish and foods like margarine are also source of vitamin D but you have to eat great quantities of these to make up for the lack of sunlight. "In countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan the sunlight is almost year round but of course its a different matter in the UK. But even 10 to 15 minutes exposure a day to sunlight in our summer would be enough. "In the west, rickets used to be a disease of the poor. Today it has been almost eradicated among the white population but is not uncommon among UK south Asians."

Read this carefully. Then read it again. Although a few minutes of exposure to sunlight every day should take care of the problem, 90 % of the women still suffer from a lack of vitamin D. What does that indicate about how much these women are cut off from society? How can this be allowed to go on in the heart of England? Bear in mind that “Asian” in UK media new speech is code word for Muslims from South Asia. Even though it is conceivable that some conservative Hindu women may suffer from this, too, it is predominantly a Muslim issue. It exists in other Western nations, too, including Scandinavia:

The Danish Health Authorities recommend that “immigrant” children should get extra dietary supplements of vitamin D, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Immigrant girls in particular frequently suffer from serious vitamin D deficiencies. It seems as if clothing is more important in this regard than skin color, as the long sleeves and headscarves block the sun from reaching the arms and faces the way it does with Danish children.

Just how far Muslim men will go to block their women from contact with the outside world, even to the point of not being allowed to go outside their own home, should be indicated by this court case. Luckily, this time the man was actually sentenced for doing this:

An Oslo court has convicted an African-Norwegian not only for abusing his Algerian wife but also for preventing her from integrating into Norwegian society. It's the first time a Norwegian court has ruled such practices as illegal, and the offender was sentenced to three years in jail. The court claimed in its ruling that he then launched years of physical abuse against his wife and prevented her from leaving their home without his permission. If she did leave home, she was ordered to cover her face and hair. He also abused the couple's children, and when his wife started attending Norwegian classes at the advice of juvenile authorities, he picked her up directly after the class to prevent her from mingling with other students.

Mingling with non-Muslims is a threat to the authority of Muslim males, and their control over their females:

As many as 15 Pakistani-Norwegian teenagers attacked a 31-year-old man outside his flat Monday night. They thought he was a journalist who'd written a provocative guide about how to have sex with young Muslim women. The Baard Torgersen who actually wrote the sex guide declined to comment on the incident. His editor, however, claimed the article that the teenage gang found so offensive was meant to launch a debate on sexual liberation among Muslim women in Norway. "There will be fewer mixed marriages in Norway," said editor Gaute Drevdal of Natt & Dag. "If we don't do something now, there will be more ghettoes forming."

A local Pakistani-Norwegian comedian, Shabana Rehman, said the guide may be considered "vulgar" but it also is important. "The main question here is accessibility and sexual control," Rehman said. "The role of men is changing and it's interesting that this is often tied to women's sexuality."

Shabana Rehman is right, of course. It’s all about Muslim men controlling Muslim women, especially their sexuality. Even though white Christians of European stock are said to be racist, 98% of second generation Pakistani women in Norway marry a man from the same ethnic background. Hardly any of the Pakistani or other Muslim immigrant girls born in Norway have a Norwegian husband. Finding your own partner would be seen as a betrayal of the family and of male authority figures, and of Islam if the spouse was non-Muslim. This is where honor killings fit in:

Pakistan rejects pro-women bill

The Pakistan government has allied with Islamists to reject a bill which sought to strengthen the law against the practice of "honour killing". Honour killing is the name given to murders where the offender claims the victim, usually a woman, had brought his family into disrepute. The bill was rejected after being declared un-Islamic by a majority vote. In many cases, the victims held properties that the male members of their families did not wish to lose if the women chose to marry outside the family. Government and independent researchers estimate that over 4,000 women have fallen victim to this practice in Pakistan over the last six years.

'Honour killings' law blocked

Parliament in Jordan has overwhelmingly rejected a proposed law imposing harsher punishments for men who kill female relatives in what are known as "honour killings". Islamists and conservatives opposed to the new law said it would encourage vice and destroy social values. Honour killings of women in Jordan have caused international outrage. But Jordanian MPs argue that more lenient punishments will violate religious traditions and damage the fabric of Jordan's conservative society, where men have the final say.

Jordan's dilemma over 'honour killings'

"A woman is like an olive tree. When its branch catches woodworm, it has to be chopped off so that society stays clean and pure." So declared one tribal leader when pressed on the issue of "honour killings" in Jordan, where approximately every two weeks a woman is killed by a male relative because of the shame she has brought upon her family by an alleged sexual transgression - "sins" which include being raped.

Those found guilty of such killings rarely receive sentences longer than one year, and many serve terms of one month. They tend to be sentenced under legislation which reduces sentences for crimes committed in a "fit of rage" sparked by an "unlawful action" on the part of the victim. According to campaigning journalist Rana Husseini, actions such as leaving the family home for a period, or uttering words such as "This is my life. I am free to do as I choose" were all considered unlawful acts in verdicts on honour killings issued last year.

The key to defeating Islamism in the West is to break the seclusion and forced segregation of Muslim women. It should be done by giving it its proper name: Apartheid.


At March 06, 2005 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a few issues central and vital to Islam and on which it is really vulnerable on

1. Women's emancipation- if Islam really does go for it, Islam is dead. If it doesnt then its dead in the long run.

2. Gay and lesbian rights.

Both these are issues that can destroy Islam. There is no way we will compromise on freedom of women and homosexuals, and there is no way islam can compromise on the subjugation of women, and homosexuality being deviant as defined by allah.

Consider women's freedom.
The most important and valuable soldiers of Islam are not male Jihadis, but women. Muslim women are the frontline soldiers of Islam in the West, as they were in Bosnia. However, women are also the Achilles heel of Islam. Give young Muslim girls in the West, the legal power that they do not have to follow the dictats of the imams or the mullahs, or give them the notion that they can report mullahs for religious harassment, then one starts a chain reaction that continues into the home and community. THe French ban on hijabs in schools, is the right first step.

The elders or enforcers of Islam then have no choice, then leave with the young girl, if she is young enough, for a Muslim country, as is happening now, or do the 'honourable thing' ie kill her. Each case drags islam into the firing line.

Many practices of the rituals of islam are completely out of variance with what is tolerable in the West, indeed they are repugnant as far as trhe treatement of homosexualis are concerned. We should make it clear to muslims that they can practise their rituals or beliefs, but only in their home countries where such rituals are regarded as norm.

I hope that in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, we adopt fairly stringent rules on where one can wear the hijab. Certainly in these days of video surveillance, the wearing of the hijab or burqa, can be seen as trying to circumvent a public safety requirement. Schools, universities, airports and government offices must be declared places where one is not allowed to smoke (on grounds of personal safety) or wear the burqa (on grounds of public safety). Of course it goes without saying that what one does in the privacy of one’s home, is not a matter for public concern.

All these make the West an inhospitable environment for islam, which is all to the good.

From DP111

At March 06, 2005 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From DP111

Fjordman wrote: It should be done by giving it its proper name: Apartheid.I believe "slavery" fits the bill far better. Women are the slaves in the cult of islam (submission = slavery).

I feel a kind of pity for muslims in general, and muslim men in particular. Hidebound as they are in norms of 7th century arabia, they have lost out, and continue loosing out in all the wonders that mankind is discovering. Their religious book, the koran, has become a millstone around their neck.

One peculiar thing about male supremacy or any form of slavery, is that it enslaves both parties. Muslim men should realise, that the emancipation of women also emancipates and frees men. This has been the lesson in the West. And so it has continued. Thus Muslim men should not be frightened in letting go - they will also be freeing themselves from the chains of islam.


At March 07, 2005 3:55 AM, Blogger Myrtus said...

Excellent posts DP111, I couldn't agree with you more.

At March 07, 2005 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love those longer analysing posts of Yours - they are the best.

15 men against 1? hmm, those immigrants are smart, better outnumber the one youre going to beat up.
And so what if they pick the wrong guy - if they do all 31 year old white norwegians, they will get to the actual guy sooner or later.

Yeah. Smart. And brave.

At March 08, 2005 12:49 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

DP111: "All these make the West an inhospitable environment for islam, which is all to the good."

Most definitely. Excellent comment.

At October 24, 2005 8:15 PM, Blogger desiree said...

I am a young American Muslimah and I can't disgree with this article more. Yes, it is true that there is suppresion of women throughout the world, not just in "Islamic" states. As a history major I have found much undeniable evidence of suppresion of women in Medieval Europe which at the same time Muslim women enjoyed more rights and freedoms such as the right to inherit and the right to choose a husband, etc.
Suppresion comes in many shapes and forms and as I read this article, I saw no opinions voiced by the "victims" themselves. The poll on how the majority of the women are unemployed has no validation on the respect to Islam. Most people don't understand that women and men are equal in the eyes of God (Allah) but each have different roles. Also, what most people dont understand (including Muslims sometimes) is that it isn't forbidden for a women to integrate in her society but it is highly discouraged. That is why men have the responsibly of providing for the family. Did you know that if a woman makes her own money, she dosen't have to spend it on food, family clothing or any other necessity? It is purely for her own use and enjoyment. The man however is obligated to provide the family with the necessities and cannot spend on himself that which he cannot give to his wife.
These "unemployed" women work harder than most employed people, as most housewives can testify to and aren't always appreciated. But they are always provided for and most don't wish to work. Who would want to work when they have the option of someone taking complete care for them?
As for covering, most of the time it is voluntary. I am not saying 100% of women cover voluntarily, as long as there is dominant men, there will be suppresion of women and their rights no matter the culture or religion. Such as the sex trade of Europe and Asia, it is not permissible in Chrisitanity but yet it still occurs in "Chrisitian" states, one cannot blame the religion on the faults of man.
And the example of the man abusing his wife and children and picking her up directly after class so no mingling occurs... In Islam abuse is strictly forbidden. When there is a disagreement and it is the woman's fault, then according to Islam, the husband is to discuss what the problem is. Discuss not beat. If she continues to do it, then the man takes the action of sleeping in a different bed. If the action still continues, then the man will once again discuss the issue then lightly tap the woman. Never on the face or a part on the body that can be viewed that will embarrass the woman in public. Also the tap should not bruise. Of course, as with most religions, people misinterpret and take advantage of rulings. Beatings may go on in Muslim homes, but it also goes on in homes of every religion. It is a problem that needs to be solved by the whole of us, and unfortunately women are usually the victims of men.
The same goes for the "honour killings". These are extremely unfortunate and all I can do is pray and hope I can play a role to stop it. However this is more of a cultural ritual. Such as the Hindus burning young women alive so that they marry another woman is extremely unfortunate but dosen't mean that it is allowed in Hinduism. Once again its the fault of man and not the religion.
I stress to all who read this to keep an open mind to all religions and if they do hear something negative about something, go to the source. Here is a site on Islam:
I encourage people to read with an open mind.


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