Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terrorists Strike in Sweden

I have heard of this group, Global Intifada, before. I'm not quite sure, but my impression so far is that it is an extremist Leftist group, not an Islamic one. If so, it is yet another example of the Socialist-Islamic alliance in the West, one which is already evident in both Norway and Denmark:

Russian Embassy Vehicle In Flames

A Russian embassy vehicle burst into flames only minutes after a civil servant had parked it near the mission in Stockholm on Tuesday. According to police, the attack is being claimed by a group calling itself Global Intifada, and in a press release the group stated that the attack was a ”protest against Russia’s imperialistic war in Chechnya.” A police inspector in charge of Stockholm embassy surveillance said that a Russian civil servant had just parked the car five minutes before when it caught fire yesterday. He added that ”the group Global Intifada has claimed responsibility for this, but we don’t know how the car began to burn.” The organization, which has attacked the Danish embassy in Stockholm twice over the past year, reportedly sent a message to a Swedish media group saying that it had carried out the attack by planting a fire bomb under the car. In January, the group claimed responsibility for setting a Danish embassy vehicle on fire, and last September it confessed to vandalizing the Danish embassy here by breaking windows and spray painting the hall of the building red.

Swedes are soft on terrorism, Russians say

The Russian authorities accused Sweden of being soft on terrorism Wednesday after a car belonging to the Russian Embassy in Stockholm was set ablaze and a group protesting Moscow's involvement in Chechnya claimed responsibility. Russia's Foreign Ministry accused the Swedish authorities of ignoring repeated requests for increased security around the embassy. The Russian ministry also criticized the independent Swedish news agency TT for publishing an interview Monday with Shamil Basayev, the Chechen rebel leader, which it said may have led to the attack. "We note a striking coincidence which hardly appears accidental that the car arson happened a day after the publication of an interview Shamil Basayev in which he praised Sweden for its 'decent' behavior in criticizing Moscow and openly threatened new terrorist acts against Russia and its citizens," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "All this shows that terrorists in Sweden feel themselves perfectly free."


At March 25, 2005 12:35 AM, Blogger José said...

I agree with Russians, and I go further, you scandinavians are too "dhimmi" for keeping your own countries free. I´d rather prefer Russia anexionates Scandinavian lands and deal islamist problems with the usual Russian "way". At least they have what a man is supposed to have to deal with problems.


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