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Dutch Muslims Happy to Take Organs But Not Give

These are the people who complain about how much racism and "Islamophobia" they face in the West. Hypocrisy, thy name is Islam. From Expatica:

Dutch Muslims Happy to Take Organs But Not Give

4 March 2005

AMSTERDAM — Health Minister Hoogervorst wants to give priority on transplantation waiting lists to people who are registered as donors, but MPs slammed the proposal on claims it will introduce discrimination in healthcare.

The Liberal VVD minister defended his proposal by pointing out that Muslims often refuse to donate organs based on religious beliefs. This is despite the fact they are willing to receive an organ if they are ill. "That creates a bad feeling," he said.

"If you say: 'I refuse to donate an organ because of my religion, but I don't want to receive one either', than I will respect it. But I won't respect a one-sided attitude of receiving and not giving. I find that
problematic," Hoogervorst said.

After the parliamentary debate on organ donation, the minister said it is not just a few Muslims who refuse to give and whom are willing to receive an organ donation. It is instead a substantial group.

Hoogervorst said immigrants often have poorer health and will require a transplant more often than native Dutch. Due to the shortage of organ donors — especially kidneys — some 200 people die every year in the Netherlands, newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

The minister came to his conclusion in recent months during talks with medical specialists. At the request of Parliament, he will now draw up a detailed proposal.

Hoogervorst is considering a system in which registered donors receive extra points on organ transplant waiting lists, meaning they will get an organ sooner. The Cabinet has not yet determined its stance on the issue.

The Christian Democrat CDA and Labour PvdA led parliamentary opposition to the plan, but nearly all political parties expressed fears that Hoogervorst was introducing discrimination in healthcare. They are concerned that smokers and overweight people will also receive help later than other people.

But Hoogervorst rejected proposals to automatically register the entire population as potential donors, despite the fact that most of the opposition parties and government coalition partner Democrat D66 think that the system will yield more donors.

MPs will vote on automatic organ donation next week, but the proposal is not assured of a majority due to a difference in opinion between Labour PvdA and the Socialist SP party over the type of system to be introduced.


At March 06, 2005 1:02 AM, Blogger Steen said...

Could someone get hold af this article in full ?

mvh Steen

On Sweden, immigration, etc.
3/5/2005, Volume 010, Issue 24
Stockholm Syndrome

I originally hail from Sweden, but am currently teaching economics and European studies at Skidmore College. I found Christopher Caldwell's "A Swedish Dilemma" (Feb. 28) interesting. I hope it will open American eyes to a problem that is visible all across Europe.

Although Sweden is on the extreme end of things, I do not think Caldwell's article gives a full account of the dire situation there. Social tensions have reached alarming levels, symbolized in part by skyrocketing crime rates. Recent studies in Stockholm show that of all rapes reported to police, only one in five are investigated and only 5 percent of the cases reported lead to the prosecution of a suspect. It is estimated that violent crime is rising by 25 percent annually, and over the first half of 2004 the murder rate rose by 40 percent.

Political extremism is also on the rise. About five years ago, an estimate by anti-racist groups indicated that Sweden had more active members of Nazi movements than its neighbors, adjusted for population. Hate-crime rates are several times higher than in America. Nazis have killed and have tried to kill journalists. Recently a long-time Nazi leader was arrested and charged with trying to build an armed political movement. In a different case, a group of nationalists were rounded up for inciting and planning an "armed revolution in the welfare state," as they called it. Nationalist-racist parties are represented in almost two dozen city councils. I fear they will make a successful bid for seats in ...

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At March 06, 2005 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At March 06, 2005 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a typical Islamic response, why, well that is easy to answer, the answer is dhimmitude

Islam sees all others as subservient to and for the use of Islam, therefore it is quite in order to accept something that will preserve the life of a muslim but not do anything that will benefit the infidel or Kuffr.

In doing this the muslim will help the Ummah to grow.

This is another kind of violence towards non muslims, another weapon aimed at diminishing the infidel.

The mindset of the average muslim is to follow the 4 pillars of Islam
very little else matters

1)Pilgrimage to mecca
2)convert at least one infidel
3)wage Jihad
4)growth of the Ummah(Dar el Islam)

doing this will assure the muslim a place in paradise with his 72 virgins(sorry nothing for the ladies)equalities do not exist in Islam..........erik


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