Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pro-Israeli Politician Gets Death Threats

Member of Parliament for the rightwing Progress Party, Ulf Erik Knudsen, was accompanied by a bodyguard during a debate arranged by the Immigration Council in the town of Drammen outside Oslo this week. The debate was about whether or not Islam could function as a bridge with Christianity:

He is an internationally certified bodyguard, hired by the party, Knudsen confirms. According to him, both the police and the security services at Parliament have been informed, since MPs for the Progress Party have received a marked increase in the number of death threats recently. Knudsen claims the threats are aggressive, but not specific in nature, saying that ”the next time somebody from the Progress Party takes part in a debate about immigration, the person will be taken care of forever”. – I don’t know for how long I will employ a bodyguard, but it is clear that the security precautions during this fall’s parliamentary elections will be extensive. Usually, it is primarily party leader Carl I. Hagen who gets special protection, but this may now change. Knudsen in particular is exposed to these kinds of threats for other reasons: - I have on many different occasions voiced my support for Israel in the conflict with the Palestinians. Last year this lead to a number of serious threats against my person.

Drammen has one of the highest percentages of Muslim immigrants of any Norwegian city, but being harassed for suspected pro-Israeli opinions isn’t a problem unique to Drammen. A municipally employed teacher in Kristiansand was prevented from wearing a Star of David around his neck. Kristiansand Adult Education Center, where the man works, ruled that the Jewish symbol could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school.

Lise Christoffersen from the Labor Party denounces what she claims is a ”nasty PR-stunt”:

I am sorry to see the Progress Party making a circus out of this instead of debating a serious issue. Maybe the next thing that happens now is that party leader Carl I. Hagen cries his crocodile tears to strengthen the image of the innocent and persecuted PP and the dangerous and aggressive immigrants. Christoffersen doubts whether the threats were genuine. – Who would want to seek out a place where there is a risk of an attack of any kind? Knudsen was even standing up instead of sitting, and thus making himself more vulnerable to potential attackers. Who would do such a thing if they were really threatened?

As a fellow Norwegian blogger comments, Christoffersen seems totally oblivious to the possibility that somebody might actually choose to stand up to threats and exercise their right to freedom of speech despite intimidation. The idea that the death threats may be real is not implausible. Militant Islamists like Mullah Krekar do reside in Norway. Besides, Norwegian police have already issued a mobile security alarm to Progress Party leader Carl I Hagen. They worry that he's a target for terrorists unhappy with some anti-Islamic remarks he made last summer. Hagen criticized Islam, and could see no similarity with the concept of moral and justice found in Christianity. Hagen also said that if Israel loses in the Middle East, Europe will succumb to Islam next, if Islamic fundamentalists have it their way. Christians should support Israel and oppose Islamic inroads into Europe. Members of Kristiansand Progress Party claimed that the Koran is similar to Hitler’s «Mein Kampf», and wanted Islam banned in Norway, but this did not get the support of more central party members.

Muslims in Norway reacted strongly to Hagen’s remarks, saying his statements “breaches UN’s human rights and the Geneva convention.”. Some launched a campaign to gain support for a stricter blasphemy paragraph. In an unprecedented step, a group of Muslim ambassadors to Norway blasted Carl I Hagen in a letter to newspaper Aftenposten, claiming he had offended 1.3 billion Muslims around the world. Pakistan’s ambassador in particular has interfered in unacceptable ways in Norwegian internal affairs before, trying to instruct and intimidate a Norwegian politician of Pakistani origin who dared to voice her support for banning Islamic veils from Norwegian schools:

A member of Oslo's City Council who was born in Pakistan but now holds Norwegian citizenship has twice been called to Pakistan's local embassy. Both times, Pakistan's ambassador to Norway questioned her political standpoints, and now Norway's foreign minister Jan Petersen has been told that she felt pressured. An embassy has nothing to do with what a politician on Oslo's City Council may believe." The calls from Pakistan's embassy came after Munir became the first known Muslim woman in Norway to support a proposed ban on the use of head scarves and other religious symbols for youth. She then became a target of criticism within the local Pakistani community. Newspaper Aftenposten Aften understands that Pakistan's ambassador, Shahbaz Shahbaz, noted in his second meeting with Munir that she still has family in Pakistan.

Leading Muslims in Norway have also defended suicide bombings, invited pro-Taliban and bin Laden politicians to the country, voiced "understanding" towards the murder of Dutch Islam critic Theo van Gogh and recommended polygamy, although this is against Norwegian law. Hagen was ridiculed by many for his remarks that he fears an Islamic party in Norway, although Denmark already has a problem with Muslim politicians who support sharia. Could it be that some of the Leftist multiculturalists are naïve, not that Mr. Hagen is racist and xenophobic? Perhaps we could learn something from our neighbors. A conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently about freedom of speech and research and the right to question religious truths took place under heavy police protection, as a Jewish teacher was attacked last year for reading from the Koran. The perpetrators, who looked like Arabs, remain at large. Moderate Muslims in Denmark experience harassment and death threats for their views. MP Naser Khader, born in Syria, has become a well-known pundit and unapologetic critic of some aspects of Islam:

"I know several people who've gotten involved in the debate and subsequently pulled out of it altogether. One woman called me, quite shaken, and said she'd been threatened. Maybe the rest of us are tougher, but the fact remains that freedom of speech is the breath of democracy - and if you take that away, then democracy dies," said Khader.

“If you take away free speech, democracy dies” says Khader. Too bad the Scandinavian political elite don’t understand this. As Helle Klein, political editor of Sweden's largest newspaper Aftonbladet, boasts: "If the debate is going to be about whether there are problems with immigrants, we don't want it". Welcome to Sweden, the country where the media don’t even pretend to champion freedom of speech, but openly brag about censorship. Klein gets support from leading Social Democrat and senior member of Cabinet Mona Sahlin:

A concerted effort that aims at educating Swedes that immigrants are a blessing to their country must be pursued, said Sahlin, stressing that her compatriots must accept that the new Sweden is multi-cultural, and that discrimination must end. "Like it or not, this is the new Sweden," she said.

Yes, this is the new Sweden. Never mind the rapes or the sharia or the museums that get death threats for showing art Muslims don't like. Just smile and think happy thoughts about cultural diversity. Is freedom of speech lost in Eurabian Scandinavia? Well, that depends. If you are a member of the Leftist – Islamic alliance, you won’t get death threats for subsidizing Palestinian terror conferences or giving support and raising funds for the Iraqi "resistance movement". Just don’t sell bathing shoes that insult Allah, or we may have to kill you.


At February 28, 2005 1:55 AM, Blogger Chip said...

Another great post. You have a knack for pulling together information. Don't you enjoy knowing whatever you want posted will be?

At February 28, 2005 1:57 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

"Don't you enjoy knowing whatever you want posted will be?"

Yes, I do. I should have started blogging before.

At February 28, 2005 6:22 AM, Blogger Final Historian said...

Thanks for the info Fjordman. From the looks of it, Norway doesn't look to be nearly as much in danger as Sweden. Hopefully once things turn sour there your countrymen will come to their senses.

At February 28, 2005 6:45 AM, Blogger Tom said...

I'm not as optimistic as Final Historian.

Experience should teach that there are three available options open to a society confronted with the threat of totalitarianism: a)embrace that totalitarianism, b)engage in another variant of totalitarianism, c)choose freedom.

some examples:
a)In the 1920's and 30's, amidst intellectual praise of Stalinism, many in American academia and politics upheld Soviet Russia as a valid competitor and moral superior to America. To compete and emulate its "achievements", Herbert Hoover and FDR began policies openly adopting socialism. Confronted with the shining example of pestilence that was Russia, the Americans began competing with each other in clamping those chains on their own ankles.

b)In 1920's Germany, the National Socialists portrayed their totalitarianism as in opposition to that of Communism. The Communists did likewise, yet voted for Hitler because both parties rejected the third option, instead agreeing to compete with each other's barbarism. The Germans, confronted with the slavery of Communism, opted for the slavery of National Socialism.

c)American settlers, having abandoned the mercantilist nations of Europe, chose the third option. They neither yielded to mercantilism, nor erected their own system of trade castration.

I believe the trend in Norway will follow either the first or second course of events. In attempting to repel sharia, it may succumb to secular totalitarianism. There is a third option available to avoid both forms of slavery, yet I don't believe any European nation will attempt to evoke it.

At February 28, 2005 9:24 AM, Blogger simulev said...

Nice blog, saw it on LGF. Yeah, Sweden has hard times, now and ahead, no doubt. BTW,if you havn't seen, an open letter to PM Bondevik Norway in Israel National News from NIS.

At February 28, 2005 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for some reason i cant send you email, so here it is as a comment.

Damn! This is seriously interesting reading! I came by your very first
post through dutchreport - impressive way to write. Awesome
journalistic talent.
My own blog may be of your interest, long analyzing posts on Islam and
integration seen from Denmark.

At February 28, 2005 5:04 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

"for some reason i cant send you email"

I want to remain as anonymous as possible, so no email address. Thank you for compliments, I added you to my blog roll.

At February 28, 2005 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You get a good write-up in Dutch Report today Fjordman.

At March 01, 2005 5:34 AM, Blogger dennisw said...

Good blog here.

At March 01, 2005 8:47 AM, Blogger Kifaya said...

I can't help but remark with (cautious) optimism of the struggle for freedom some in the ME are going through right now, that that progress, however slow and difficult, is a show of force moving forward. But then, I look around me here in the land of the left (San Francisco, CA) and of the goings on in your country and wonder that freedom and democracy are sliding backwards.

Keep up the in-depth, informative reporting. Your writing almost seems like an intelligence report summary :-) Works like this are an imperative in today's times. I hope others catch on.

By the way, if you need help with research or gathering information I'd love to contribue. I'm not a good writer but I'm an exhaustive researcher capable of collating mounds of information.

One final thought. You may want to forward your blog to
Muslim WakeUp!(or ad it to the sidebar) they are looking for:

Our primary requirement is that the material you submit be well written. And we especially like pieces that challenge or inspire. But if your article fits the style or editorial slant of either the Muslim World League or the National Review, then please try them first.

At March 01, 2005 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the best put together, most interesting blog entries I have EVER read!
I can't believe you have only 10 comments so far! I can tell you put some serious effort into this endeavor.
I am really impressed with your work here, and I am going to make an effort to pass this blog off to my friends in a hope to get you some traffic!

At March 02, 2005 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Fjordman! Keep up the good work. Only a vigilant eye and the willingness to be outspoken will help to keep the world safe from the cult of death that slowly, but very surely, is creeping across the globe.

At March 02, 2005 2:55 PM, Blogger delftsman3 said...

Great Blog! Welcome to the worldwide alliance of the free exchange of ideas known as Bloggers. While the MSM may be moribund; riddled with PC crap and outright propaganda, with the advent of Blogging, they're becoming irelevant.

Found you via a post on Dutch Report and just had to add you to my blogroll after reading only two posts.

Keep up the good fight to bring Idiotarianism out into the light of day, wherever it exists.

I still feel that the entire EU is heading into a dire period of Ultra PC/Socialism, but with people like you speaking out, there may yet be some hope.

At March 03, 2005 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great new blog !!

Another voice of clarity amongst the PC psychbabble gobbledygook



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