Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hugh Fitzgerald: What is being done about Muslim immigrants?

Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch asks what is being done about the immigration policies regarding Muslims in the USA, following the troubles in Europe. Well, not very much, as it seems. Pro-immigration advocates claim that we should let Muslims into the West because they are fleeing poverty and oppression. But as Ali Sina shows, poverty and oppression are caused by Islam and Islamic culture. As long as Muslims bring that culture with them here, we will end up being poor and oppressed, too:

Hugh Fitzgerald: What is being done about Muslim immigrants?

We have a right to know: what is the INS doing about Muslim immigrants? Is it doing anything? Have any policies changed since 9/11/2001? What about since the seizure of the theatre in Moscow or the school in Beslan, with nearly 400 dead children and teachers? Have there been any changes since the killing, in Holland, of Pim Fortuyn? Of Theo van Gogh? Since the threats to kill Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders? What changes have been made in our immigration policies since the threats to the head of a Christian political party in Norway? Since the threats to a newspaper in Denmark? Since the virtual takeover of much of Malmo, Sweden, as a no-go for non-Muslims area? What changes in immigration policy have resulted from plans to bomb the Strasbourg Christmas market, or the Vatican, were foiled? What changes in immigration policy have followed upon the bombing of the subway in Madrid? The underground in London? What changes in immigration policy followed the three weeks of Muslim riots, in which a dozen churches were attacked and set ablaze, and tens of thousands of cars set on fire, and a Frenchman beaten to death, and others critically wounded, and cries of Allahu Akbar were heard all over the land? Any changes? Any?

Ali Sina: Will Muslims Ever wake up?

If as he says, the way to overcome the misery of Muslims is to become even more Islamic, how can he explain the fact that the countries that are not Islamic at all are better than those that are Islamic? At which period in the history, Muslims were prosperous and productive? The only time they were prosperous was when they looted the wealth of other nations. When that loot ended, so did their prosperity. The question “what went wrong” is mute. It implies that there was a time that something was right! At what time anything was right in Islam doctor? Islam was wrong from the beginning. Islam is not sick. It is the sickness itself. You can’t cure Islam. You must overcome it and eradicate it. The cause of the poverty and ignorance of Muslims is Islam. It is the five times prayers, it is the one month fasting, it is the reading of the Quran instead of science, it is the wasting of people's time teaching them the Islamic way of defecation, urination and copulation, and it is observing all those stupid Islamic rituals that has made Muslims backward, lazy and poor.


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