Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rule America?

Via LGF:

Rule America? Liberal elites ruined Britain as a hyperpower. Could America meet the same fate?

In an important sense, the British Empire's strength failed because its elite liberal citizens stopped believing in it. The parallels with 21st-century America are striking. In little more than 10 years, England went from victory in World War I to serious discussions about completely disarming herself. Talk of a "peace dividend" began with the fall of the Berlin Wall and culminated 10 years later with a major draw-down of forces and the abandonment of the two-war doctrine.

I already found a reply to this essay:

Why Liberal Elites Can't Sink America

The Internet is going to save America...or, I should say, the New Media will, by breaking the liberal elite's media monopoly. In 1930's Great Britain, anti-patriotic elites held a lock on the machinery of "idea dissemination," just like American liberal elites did until the 1990's. Thus, the British people were fed a steady diet of defeatism, doubt, and even hatred toward British Civilization. Those who opposed the elites had scant opportunity to fire back salvos supported by reason and rationality.

Trials in Baghdad, tribulations in Washington

Having recently written a book with the subtitle The Rise and Fall of the American Empire, I am regularly asked when exactly I expect that fall to happen. The answer is not this year, next year or the year after that. Not this decade. And quite probably not this century either. I would say America is currently somewhere around the reign of Trajan. If I remind you that Dacia was modern-day Serbia, and Mesopotamia modern-day Iraq, you will see that there is a striking geographical parallel between recent American military expeditions and the campaigns of Trajan. Yet Trajan's over-extension of the empire was easily rectified by his successor Hadrian, who withdrew from Armenia, Mesopotamia and Assyria. "By every honourable expedient [he] invited the friendship of the barbarians; and endeavoured to convince mankind that the Roman power, raised above the temptation of conquest, was actuated only by the love of order and justice." That sounds like a straightforward enough foreign policy for Mr Bush's successor.


At October 25, 2005 9:11 PM, Blogger Dark Wing Duck said...

The British also allowed themselves to be disarmed. Americans are unlikely to relinquish our weapons. A liberal president that refused to respond to a terrorist attack would be replaced.

At October 25, 2005 11:52 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

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At October 25, 2005 11:55 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

From the article : WHAT DOES MODERN HISTORY have to teach us about the age of American empire?

This is easily rebutted by stating that America has no empire, and hence none to lose.

Yet what tired Britain, was not the possesion of empire but the responsbility that went with being a superpower. This responsibility always carried with it the burden of having to intervene in near and distant wars. All of these actions had to be justified to parliament and people. Some of the wars, would of necessity, have been embarked on, and then found to have not the implications that justified the war in the first place. An honest mistake perhaps. This made the government of the day, and the burden of superpower status, open to criticism. Slowly over time, the whole business of carrying the responsibility for the world, became just too tiresome, as well as expensive in blood and treasure.

In this context, America is in the same position today as Britain was.

At October 26, 2005 1:47 AM, Blogger sissyblue said...

I think one big difference between America and the British (and Europe in general) is their admiration of the "royals". They seem to esteem those they feel are superior. In America, we have no such handicap and hence do not easily fall prey to someone telling us they know better than we do.

At October 26, 2005 6:21 AM, Blogger stuart10242 said...

The time of the liberal elite ruling the US has passed. They are out of power and have no ideas or program that can get them back into power. All they are capable of doing at present is the politics of destruction, criticizing the actions of the conservatives without offering a viable alternative. This striking out to destroy will not regain them the power they seek.

At October 26, 2005 7:42 AM, Blogger ik said...

The internet has finally allowed people who are not leftists to get the word out - FINALLY.

Whether this will translate to us being able to overturn the leftist mafia remains to be seen. It would be great folly to underestimate the leftists. In India the leftists have also tremendously increased their power by using the internet very effectively. I think even in the West the Seattle WTO protests would not have been possible without the internet and mailing lists. (By the way private mailing lists andYahoo Groups are a favorite leftist tactic).

_IF_ we manage to get through this crisis successfully in a few decades Vint Cerf (inventor of internet) will be known as one of the greatest men that ever lived

OT something which might interest you -

What is worse than "just" getting raped?

"Two sisters of Sonia Naz have been divorced by their husbands, who reportedly felt "disgraced" and "humiliated" at being related to sisters of a raped woman."

Sonia herself was divorced by husband, Asim Yousaf, on similar grounds, saying he could not stay married to a woman raped

"My sisters have stopped talking to me as they hold me directly responsible for the break-up in their lives," Sonia observed.

At October 26, 2005 1:00 PM, Blogger brazilian said...

We will see what happen in America with 10 per cent of its population Moslem...

At October 26, 2005 6:39 PM, Blogger El Grumpo said...

By the way brazillian: 10 percent of population being moslems doesn't mean jack shiite! But DEMOCRACY still does.

At October 26, 2005 6:44 PM, Blogger El Grumpo said...

Another thing MR. BRAZILIAN....go find somebody to give your gun to.
Dumb people like you deserve to loose your freedom.
Find Michael Savage or Michael Medved on the internet and LISTEN.

At October 26, 2005 11:35 PM, Blogger PD111 said...


The new royalty on both sides of the Atlantic are the celebrities. The Royal family in the UK is just a part of the celebrity culture.

Our politicians and the PM get a much tougher time in parliament then Pres Bush is ever likely to get.

There is in the US, a deep respect for the President, which is not present in Europe for any president or even royalty.

At November 08, 2005 11:01 AM, Blogger oskar said...

Hmm, Britain was one of Europe's most 'liberal' nations even by the middle ages (Magna Charta anyone). Britain built its empire as one of Europe's most 'liberal' (by which I mean political enfranchisement and economic freedom) countries. Traditionally conservative countries like Spain and Germany either lost their empires very quickly or never managed to build any in the first place.

No, the key to being able to build up an empire - to military domination of other countries - is economic power.

Britain began to loose its empire after it was bankrupted by WWI. It was heavily indebted to the US which had more or less financed it for the UK. Thus began the rise of US power.

Likewise, US military power over other countries in the world (if you choose to call it an empire or not is not so interesting) will not be brought to an end by any 'liberals' (which means something else in the US compared to Europe, but that's another story).

Instead its going to loss of economic dominance which will end US hegemony. And this is happening quite quickly. The US is already heavily indebted to China, which has bought a majority of the bonds the US govt has been forced to issue to cover its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, amongst other things.


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