Friday, April 15, 2005

Norway: Pure 'red' majority

According to some political polls the growing support for the left-wing Labor and Socialist Left (SV) parties could mean they could forge a majority alternative government without the support of the 'green', agrarian, Center Party. According to a new survey by Intéra Research Lab for newspaper Vårt Land, Labor and SV would have won a parliamentary majority for the second month in a row in their poll. Labor now achieved 29.9 percent support while SV had 20.5 percent. Both parties gained in popularity, as did potential ally the Center Party. Vårt Land observed that not only is SV now the country's second largest party on the IRL poll, it also scored record high potential, with fully 32.6 percent saying they would or could vote for SV. The big loser on the IRL poll was the populist Progress Party which retreated 4.5 percent points to 17.4 percent. They still remain ahead of the governing Conservatives, who had 16.6 percent.


At April 15, 2005 1:51 PM, Blogger TigerHawk said...

What accounts for the rising popularity of the left in Norway?

At April 15, 2005 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignorance ;X

At April 15, 2005 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you all catching up to the real world when the oil runs out.

At April 15, 2005 5:02 PM, Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

Fjordman -- Off-topic, but I can't find an email link for you.

You do a great service with your blog. I've been promoting you over at Belmont Club.

Dymphna and I run the "Gates of Vienna" blog (and she has "I Could Scream", if Wretchard's server ever gets fixed). We are looking for a correspondent in Scandinavia to send us Eurabia-related news from local media, news that doesn't make it into English-language media, so that we would not otherwise see it. It can be first-hand accounts, translations from Norse, Danish, Swedish, etc., or whatever comes up. Dymphna specializes in issues related to women, as you probably know.

Since your English is excellent, we thought you might want to do this. Or maybe you could refer us to someone else. If so, please email us at and let us know.

At April 16, 2005 1:22 PM, Blogger Fjordman said...

I want to remain as anonymous as possible, and don't put an email address visible online. But I will send you an email.

At April 17, 2005 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may be a bit dense here, however, haven't Norwegians seen what radical leftism has done to places like...ohh...SWEDEN, for example?

There must be something in the water up there in Scandinavia for people to be so damn dumb. From a strong and proud history comes a weak peoples. It is so sad to see, especially after having visited a few places up there.


Please enlighten me on why you think this is the case, considering what has happened to the country just east of you and in Europe as well. I am quite curious.

At April 17, 2005 5:12 PM, Blogger Fjordman said...

"Please enlighten me on why you think this is the case, considering what has happened to the country just east of you and in Europe as well."

Norwegian mainstream media is totally silent about what is going on in Sweden. I have to read bits and pieces from Swedish media and blogs, and from Danish media, to know how bad it is. I suspect this is because the elites here know that we face the same problems as Sweden, and try to keep the lid on the debate. Norwegian journalists also have a strong Leftist bias, recently confirmed in several opinion polls.


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