Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The grooms who marry in fear

From the London Times, via Human Rights Service:

More than a third of forced Asian marriages may involve reluctant men. Men who leave forced marriages are often too scared to stay in their communities for fear of retribution or they find themselves ostracised. The Council of British Pakistanis estimates that 38 per cent of forced marriages could involve reluctant men. Many cases originate in South Asia, but British officials also have seen examples from East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Foreign Office officials say that in some cases the men are deceived into flying to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to see relatives. They find themselves stranded in a rural village, their passports are taken from them and they are placed under extraordinary pressure. “There is also the risk of being killed by the girl’s relatives,” said Huma Awan, who drew up research for the council. “They have access to guns and honour killings have happened in Britain.”


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