Monday, October 10, 2005

Denmark: Immigrant gangs overtake Hell's Angels

Immigrant gangs overtake Hell's Angels

Immigrant criminal gangs are much more active than previously believed, and their brutality has them surpassing biker crime gangs like the Hell's Angels or Bandidos, the State Police said on Sunday. Chief Inspector Troels Ørting Jørgensen told daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende that a special investigative team from the State and Copenhagen Police and the Police Intelligence Service had systematically investigated immigrant gangs since June. Up until now, the team had arrested and remanded 28 suspects and confiscated large amounts of weapons, cash, cannabis, cocaine, and heroin. 'We are surprised by how massive the criminal activity is,' Jørgensen said. 'They're in places nobody would expect them to be. I believe that the immigrant gangs' brutality and success at drafting new recruits are on their way to beating the bikers.' The investigative unit found that about 20 kingpins controlled a similar number of crime gangs, consisting of a total of 300 members and an unknown number of loosely connected associates. Most of the gangs are active primarily in the capital area, but their influence is slowly trickling out into the provinces, the police said. The gang bosses usually stow their profits away in the Middle East, tying most of it up in real estate. Jacques Royal, a social worker in the suburb of Høje Taastrup, said much of the criminality could be traced to failed efforts to integrate young immigrants. 'Immigrant boys and men have been overlooked compared with the women. The boys and men have completely different norms and values than we know. Many of them have no prospects to look forward to, and only want status and money so that they don't end up like their fathers, breaking their backs for 16 hours a day in the local pizzeria for a low salary. Crime can then become a tempting alternative,' Royal said.

Doormen arm themselves against immigrants

Doormen working in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, are often armed with guns or clubs so as to be able to defend themselves against violent immigrant gangs, the owner of a private security company told Danish media this morning. According to the security company manager, it is more dangerous than ever before to be a doorman. There is more violence than ever before and some immigrant gangs have even been known to seek out doormen at their private homes. Copenhagen police said this morning that the police would focus more on the doormen in the future, and added that the armed conflict between the doormen and immigrant gangs gave cause for concern. At the same time, the police force in the Danish capital is also going to do more to fight gang crime in Copenhagen, monitoring and registrating all immigrants who are gang members. More and more people are being convicted for particularly brutal acts of violence in Denmark. In barely 10 years the number of convictions for murder, attempted murder or rape has increased by 25 percent.


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