Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sweden: "Moderate Muslim" or Islamist in Disguise?

Danish PM Rasmussen wants imams to get more influence over youths, to prevent "radicalism". Muslims know that the mythical "moderate Muslim" has become the Holy Grail of our time. If they can manage to present themselves as moderates, they can get all sorts of concessions from the infidels. It doesn't matter whether these "moderates" have extensive contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood or even Hamas:

New evidence links man to terror group

The imam’s defence lawyer, Peter Mutvei, had asked the court to allow him to call Hassan Moussa, imam at the Medborgarplatsen mosque in Stockholm and leader of the Swedish Council of Imams, as a witness. Moussa wrote in an article in Expressen on Tuesday that he had received death threats after he condemned all terror in the name of Islam at Friday prayers. He also wrote that there were Muslims in Sweden who support terrorism and who are “prepared to go as far as necessary to acheive their goals.”

So, poor Hassan Moussa is a moderate who he is almost persecuted, is he? Well, think again:

"Double messages at the mosque"

The largest mosque in Stockholm is spreading double messages. What the Imam says in his speech in Arabic doesn't match how the text is interpreted in Swedish. “America rapes Islam,” the Imam roars in Arabic from the platform. The interpreter translates to Swedish: “We condemn USA:s torture of Iraqi prisoners.” It is Friday prayer in the mosque on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Hassan Mousa speaks formal, classical Arabic and roars into the microphone. “What's wrong with you grandchildren of Mohammed? How long will you endure this humiliation of Muslims without reacting? American and British soldiers, grandchildren of Hitler, are torturing Muslims in Iraq.” The words sink like a carpet bombing over the hall. Everybody feels them. Many have tears in their eyes. Heads are sunk and eyes are lowered onto the the blue coloured soft carpet. Minutes later the Swedish translation of the speech is read by an interpreter. In Swedish, the American torture of Iraqi prisoners is condemned, but at the same time the translator emphasizes earlier good works for Muslims done by the US, among others in Bosnia. Not a word on how America is raping Islam, is the enemy of Islam and wants Muslims to be humiliated and under submission. Afterwards the Imam Hassan Mousa admits that his sermon was harsh. “But I had no choice. The hatred against America has grown enormously since the publication of torture- and rape pictures [1]”, he says. He also refers to earlier sermons and says that many Muslims call him an "American friendly" preacher. “I have to calm down the Muslims feelings and meet them halfway.” But at the same time he denies that the mosque on Medborgarplatsen spreads double messages. That the Swedish translation didn't match the original Arabic is not a conscious strategy according to him. “It just happened. Arabic is a much richer language than Swedish. It's impossible to translate everything."

Here is MEMRI's take on this:

Imam of Stockholm's Great Mosque: Expulsion of Preachers of Hate is Completely Justified; Muslim Journalist Responds: ‘Stockholm’s Great Mosque Sympathizes with Muslim Brotherhood'

"Sheikh Hassan Moussa’s admission that there is extremism in our mosques is welcomed. But Hassan Moussa doesn’t say anything about the big problem. Sweden’s mosques are slowly but surely being taken over by a politically oriented group, the Muslim Brotherhood – a group with which many of [the mosque’s] members sympathize. In [Moussa’s] proposal for creating an anti-extremist council, it is understood that the Muslim Brotherhood should represent all Muslims and thereby further affirm its grip on the mosques. Around 400,000 people of Muslim origin live in Sweden. The Muslim Brotherhood is also close to the Palestinian movement Hamas – whose ideology is very similar to Nazism. For the Muslim Brotherhood, Sweden is in many ways an ideal country, [and it] shares the ideals of the [Swedish] Social Democrats in their view of the welfare society. Leading figures in Muslim congregations are also active within the Social Democratic [Party], and have very good relations with Sweden’s Christian Social Democrats – Broderskapsrörelsen. The Social Democrats have, in turn, and perhaps as thanks for the support they receive from the mosque leadership, shown a tendency to shy away from the fact that there is extremism in some of our mosques. This has given the Muslim Brotherhood the freedom to force its ideology upon [the mosque's worshippers]. People have told me that they have been kicked out of mosque organizations because they criticized the Muslim Brotherhood. Others have told me that they have been phoned by the mosque leadership and called ‘Jews’ in the sense of ‘non-humans.’


At September 21, 2005 2:25 PM, Blogger John Sobieski said...

All the Western leaders ask for is a Muslim they can trust, but are there any, any at all. With all that taqiyya, you can never know if a moderate is just creating an elaborate ruse to gain favor with the Infidel, pretending to be his ally, while working to spread evil Islam.

At September 21, 2005 11:36 PM, Blogger witchywoman said...

The muslim brotherhood is everywhere, on all continents. Like roaches and rats, they scurry around, taking over the neighborhoods, not noticed until their numbers are so large, they spill out into the life of all citizens.

At September 21, 2005 11:44 PM, Blogger witchywoman said...

There is an Ibrahim Moosa at Duke University(well respected) in the US. Heard him speak about islam and the beauty of the koran. Told him that I didn't think it was beautiful as it called for my death. After hearing him, I came away convinced he's a member of the brotherhood. Wonder if he's kin to this "moderate muslim?"

By the way, fjordman, your blog is outstanding. Thanks.

At September 22, 2005 4:17 PM, Blogger Ole said...

Just want to say that I agree with "witchywoman", your blog is terrific. Thanks.


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