Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sabotage suspected on Stockholm line

Sabotage suspected on Stockholm line

Swedish officials suspect that someone tried to sabotage the train line linking Oslo and Stockholm early Monday. Passengers finally were evacuated from a train bound for Stockholm after it literally was halted in its tracks for more than four hours Monday morning. The train had left Oslo Sunday night and was supposed to have arrived in Stockholm at 6:50am. Instead, the train and its 230 passengers were left stranded in a rural area outside Katrineholm. The web site for Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that the engineer operating the train first noticed that its brakes were malfunctioning. Then smoke started billowing from the eastbound train. It later emerged that the train had collided with manhole covers that Swedish police now believe were willfully placed on the tracks. Swedish railway Statens Järnväger initially denied claims of sabotage, but police launched an investigation. Passengers were left fuming after the incident, because of delays in transporting them on to Stockholm. They weren't evacuated until around 10am Monday, nearly five hours after the train ground to a halt. The incident caused delays for other trains operating in the area. No injuries were reported. Passengers were eventually sent on to Stockholm on another train.

Sabotage theory after night train stranded

The punctuality rates of Swedish Rail have plummeted over night. Passengers on a long-haul journey from Oslo were stranded for four hours on Monday morning. The press suspects sabotage but Swedish Rail is keeping schtum. An overnight train from Olso to Stockholm with 230 passengers onboard came to a standstill on Monday morning, just outside Katrineholm. The driver had earlier reported a problem with the breaks. But at a red signal stop around 6am, a wave of smoke appeared between the engine and the first carriage. Monday's Expressen says: "It could be sabotage." Swedish Rail's Kajsa Moström says: "We don't suspect anything right now." Swedish Rail (SJ) says the likelihood is that the train had driven over something, which damaged the brakes. And the smoke was caused due to the train travelling with the brakes on. Damage to the train has been discovered and investigators began looking for further clues on Monday afternoon.


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Yes, thats the great thing about a modern society, it doesnt take much to do great harm...


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