Thursday, September 08, 2005

Iran to speed up flogging of women for “bad” veil

Women who violate Iran’s strict Islamic dress code will be flogged immediately, prosecutor’s offices in provincial centres announced on Tuesday. In the central Iranian city of Shahin-Shahr, the prosecutor’s office posted huge notices on billboards and shop windows warning women that dress code violators will appear before an Islamic judge immediately after arrest to receive a sentence, usually 100 lashes in public. The prosecutor will be demanding maximum penalties, the notice warned. “Individuals whose state of attire and make-up is against religious laws in public will be prosecuted without having to first wait in a queue and will be sentenced to flogging and fines”, the statement said. “Scarves which do not cover the hair and neck”, “tight overcoats or coats that which finish above the knees and whose sleeves cover to a point higher than the wrist”, “tight trousers which do not cover the calf of the leg”, and “women’s make-up” are all forbidden, according to the statement, which added that failure to adhere to the dress code would be dealt with accordingly. Women whose scarves do not properly cover up their hair will face between 10 days to 10 months in prison, the statement added.


At September 08, 2005 3:17 PM, Blogger Laurel said...

What a wonderful country....not!

At September 08, 2005 4:15 PM, Blogger Ole said...

How can people, especially women, accept living under those conditions? It is so inhuman and cruel. I can't say that I understand.

At September 08, 2005 4:37 PM, Blogger John Sobieski said...

Iran devolves into a warrior Islamic empire. There is so little resistance despite what supporters of Iran 'resistance' say. I think many in the West would be surprised how many women in Iran agree with this madness. The pure, true Islamic path is the only way. How pathetic.

At September 08, 2005 6:22 PM, Blogger sissyblue said...

I think the abused develop a certain psychology to deal with the abuse.. We see it in civilized countries when women are abused by their spouses. Quite often they stay with them because they feel helpless and hopeless.

I can only imagine how twisted the minds of these women are when the whole country and culture has become so insane. Iran does stand as a Hallmark for how depraved the Islamic world is. First there was Afghanistan, and now Iran as the biggest, badest, ugly Islamic paradise.

At September 08, 2005 7:21 PM, Blogger Don Miguel said...

Barbarian misogynists!

At September 09, 2005 2:49 PM, Blogger PD111 said...

Women in muslim nations are so oppressed, that even when they have representatives in parliament, it serves no purpose. It is sad to see that women reps in parliament call for sharia to be exacted, including the beating of women.

Well, though this is sad, our real concerns are that such practices of FGM, polygamous marriages, child brides, honour killing etc, do not become accepted in Europe. If they do become so for reasons of cultural sensitivity or some such nonsense, then whether sharia is codified in EU laws or not, makes no difference.

At December 26, 2005 12:54 AM, Blogger ssk1936 said...

There is no surprise the way Islam
treats women,you have to understand
that Quran tells Muslims they are the masrters,and women MUST obey
them.PLEASE ,read about so called
Mohammeds life,
The non muslims of the world MUST be wary of Islam.Europ,USA,Canada,
will oneday be in the grips of Islam.Watch how muslim population in western world is increasing,Muslim women are breading like rats.They benefiting in two ways,get state
benefits and increase muslim population.


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