Monday, June 13, 2005

Anglo-French row over EU budget worsens

EU foreign ministers abandoned a closed-door meeting on the EU budget on Sunday evening without agreement and with positions hardening on the British yearly rebate and what to do about the bloc's large farm subsidies. Ministers went into the meeting having been witness to a growing Anglo-French spat as London and Paris traded insults over their respective red lines. British foreign secretary Jack Straw set the tone of the meeting by branding demands by French president Jacques Chirac that the around 4.6 billion euro annual British rebate be given up as "deluded". "The rebate is not the issue, and people are deluded if they think it is the issue", said Mr Straw following calls by Mr Chirac last week that London make a "gesture of solidarity".


At June 13, 2005 7:39 PM, Blogger Rune said...

“gesture of solidarity” in the lingo of Chirac apparently means pouring more money down the bottomless hole of subsidiaries for small unproductive French farmers. Britain is already the second largest net contributor to the EU. Britain should under no circumstances scrap their rebate unless followed up by a throughout revising of all the stifling farm subsidiary regulations.

How I wish Britain would try to cement stronger the faint signs of new alliances within the EU to counter the German-French axis, which we saw during the run-up to the Iraq war. A British led group with the Eastern European and Baltic countries, is just what the EU needs now. Economic liberalisation and growth. Atlantic cooperation. End of socialistic utopian dreams. End of anti-Americanism and Arab appeasement.

At June 14, 2005 3:41 PM, Blogger LyndonB said...

Rather than forming an alliance with the East Europeans. Britain should tell Black Jacque to get stuffed. Withdraw from the EU and go back to EFTA. The European wet dream is coming apart at the seams and France will drag the rest of the EU down the toilet if we let her.

At June 15, 2005 1:54 PM, Blogger Al.R.O'Ackbar said...

This is a typical ChIraq ploy. Diverting attention from France's anti constitution referendum result by rallying the rest of the EU to bash Britain. Totally French. One rule for us another for everyone else. When has France ever paid a fine? Never! Well, "we no pay, like les Francais"! France is quick to tell others what to do, like the Danes, the Irish, everbody else. The trouble is the rest of Europe follow France like lambs to the slaughter.


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