Monday, May 23, 2005

Forced marriages in Norway

Forced marriages in Norway

"You and you and you and you are witnesses to the fact that I must now kill my daughter in order to regain the honor of this family," says an Iraqi man, apparently to four people, in Norway. You see, his 17-year-old daughter kept trying to divorce the native Iraqi to whom she was forced to marry, which would be a major scandal in the family. A report released by the Human Rights Service on Tuesday revealed that there has been an sharp increase in arranged marriages for second-generation compared to first-generation immigrants in Norway. Forced marriages are a huge problem here. I used to volunteer at the International Red Cross in Oslo, and around three years ago, I helped with some translation work for the Forced Marriages Hot-Line they run. Many of the calls they receive are from young second-generation girls who fear their parents are going to marry them off when they visit "the homeland" during their summer vacations from school. This is a critical situation, because once the families are abroad, there is virtually nothing the Red Cross or anyone can do to help the girl. If the family wants her to marry uncle Aqbah, then she's probably going to have to go through with it, unless she manages against all odds to run away, hitchhike from her village and make it to a Norwegian Embassy or to a women's shelter, which is pretty unlikely. And, thanks to disturbingly lenient family reunion laws in Norway, uncle Aqbah usually gets to join the family back to Norway, where he can screw his young niece/wife to his heart's content.

Court cracks down on forced marriage

A court in Drammen has issued its first ruling against forced marriages. It handed down prison terms for the father and brother of a 17-year-old Norwegian girl after they threatened her into marrying a man from Northern Iraq. The city court in Drammen sentenced the girl's father to 10 months in jail after he threatened her life and physically abused her. Her brother was sentenced to eight months in prison for similar threats. Some of the threats had been made in the presence of Norwegian social workers. "The family believes its Kurdish honor has been destroyed dbecause of this case."


At May 23, 2005 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fresh and frightening example of Swedish Islamic-Socialist cooperation and dhimmitude A D 2005:

(In Swedish)

The so-called "Palestine" is now the second largest foreign collector of Swedish tax-money (next Tanzania). We're giving the Islamic murder-terrorists in the Middle East nearly a half BILLION Swedish kronor in "aid" (= jizya) this year - nota bene - including Hamas:

Bye-bye friends, time to go to the Mosque...

At May 24, 2005 3:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If these people want to continue their uncivilised traditions, they should return to their place of birth and be uncivilised.

At May 24, 2005 3:39 AM, Blogger A 6th Generation American said...

A future history?

… The looters were led by leaders of all nationalities. Politics and skin color, everything second to the call of Allah. Quickly they gathered. From the ghettos and apartment buildings they spilled into the streets screaming Allu Akbar, a solid mass with a single purpose. Unified by their faith in Islam, the Muslim mobs chanted as the marched by torchlight, their blood lust for the infidel a burning hatred, fanned by the Imams and clerics. They marched with meat cleavers and knives, bats and chains, guns and guile in search of the unbelievers.

The native born unbelievers were hapless and terrorized victims. The Muslim mobs plundered and set churches and business afire. The night was filled with sparks, choking smoke, and dead kafirs. The screams of women, raped in their own homes could hardly be heard above the single Muslim voice in the night. The phone lines burned with calls for help, but there was no response, the police could not arrest their fellow Muslims. The destruction and looting was staged by the Islamic bureaucracy, the police a vital cog.

Local militias were called up, but their ranks were rotten with the Muslim disease. All authority crumbled and disappeared from the streets as the local police joined in the looting and plundering of the neighborhoods. And this night was but a rehearsal, a test run to taste the blood of the infidels.

By the end of the week all of Norway burned as the Muslim mobs danced in the blood soaked streets. The protesting voices of the fair haired had finally been fully silenced.

At May 26, 2005 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

6th generation american:

Stop frightening the children. You are also making me lose sleep.



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