Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sweden unprepared for terrorist attack

Judging from statements made by some Swedish Muslims, who openly advocate terror attacks against Sweden, perhaps the Swedes should take this problem seriously:

An examination of Sweden's preparedness for a terrorist attack has found the country’s state agencies lacking. The Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, released the dismal report today. Since the September 11 attack in the US, Sweden's own commission made recommendations for a crisis setup in 2003. FOI report author Magnus Norell told Swedish radio the agencies lack resources in several possible scenarios: "We simply need more trained personnel who are equipped to handle heavily armed terrorists in case of a large attack where dozens or perhaps hundreds of people are taken hostage, where there have been many deaths or in case of several simultaneous attacks."Norell stresses that Sweden doesn't appear to be at high risk for a terrorist attack, but likens a crisis plan to home insurance. "It's better to talk about these things in peacetime, or before a crisis hits.


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