Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Indiana: Group raises students' awareness of Islam

This seems to be something of a trend in US campuses. I reported a couple of weeks ago about groups of American Sociology students attending an Understanding Islam forum. Of course, debating an issue is never a bad thing. If you have a genuine debate, that is. Unfortunately, it looks like several of these forums are all about Dawah, Islamic missionary work, not about anything we consider geuine dialog. Notice how they talk about "spreading the message of Islam" and "irresponsible material presented in mass media" about Islam. You mean, writing about Saudis spreading extremism in the US?

Group raises students' awareness of Islam

The vice president of the Muslim Students Association is just hoping for peace. "Knowledge leads to understanding, understanding leads to tolerance and tolerance leads to peace," said Hany Gabal, a senior in the College of Health Sciences. The association is presenting Islamic Awareness Week from Monday to Thursday and the goal is to promote the understanding of Islam. The group is also presenting daily programs, such as evening lectures and videos. "This video is about a British man who converted to Islam, and he discusses the proven existence of a creator and the meaning of life," Gabal said. "We spread the message of Islam and clear up any misconceptions that have formed due to existing political issues and the often irresponsible material presented in mass media," Mohammad said.


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