Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Iran: One In Twenty Regularly take Drugs

I wonder whether this is encouraged by the mullahs, to pacify their unruly youngsters:

Iran: One In Twenty Regularly take Drugs

A new United Nations report on drug dependency shows that 2.8 percent of Iranians regularly take drugs and can be defined drug addicts. However, officials in the Iranian Health Ministry say they are convinced the percentage is even higher than that, with around one in twenty Iranians regularly consuming drugs. The UN survey ranks the Islamic Republic number one at international level for the number of drug addicts in relation to the population, followed at some distance by Kyrgyzstan and Mauritania. The use of drugs, both opium-based and synthetic substances, has grown significantly among young Iranians. Drug addiction, according to newspapers in Iran, is the main problem among Iranian families. "In the Islamic Republic a dose of heroin costs less than a sandwich, and has the advantage of making you forget the society you are living in," one young drug addict told Adnkronos International (AKI). "Many young people like me only manage to support this regime and the restrictions imposed by the mullahs by taking heroin," he said.


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