Saturday, July 30, 2005

'Whale burgers' raise a fuss

Seafood producers in both Norway and Japan are turning to new ways of peddling whale-based products, in the hopes of boosting sagging markets for whale meat. Their so-called "whale burgers," however, are already being blasted by anti-whaling groups. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society of the UK has issued warnings against the whale burgers, calling Norway's and Japan's efforts to market "fast food" whale products "an attempt to revive a dying industry." Whalers, their opponents claim, are hoping to cash in on "their governments' stated intentions to dramatically increase whaling quotas." Sales of whale products have indeed declined in Norway in recent years, and one seafood producer on the scenic Lofoten archipelago is among those hoping to turn that around. The Karsten Ellingsen Co recently launched its new whale products, targeted at a new generation of consumers.


At July 30, 2005 6:17 AM, Blogger Ole said...

Is there such a thing as whale meat? I thought it was all blubber.


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