Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bloomberg: No Fair Profiling Terrorists

4 years after New York City and the USA was hit by the worst foreign attack on the mainland in its history, Americans seem to have forgotten this already. Americans didn't wake up with 9/11, they are still asleep:

Bloomberg: No Fair Profiling Terrorists

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that terrorists come "in all sizes and shapes and forms" and it wouldn't be fair for police to profile terrorism suspects on the basis of a Middle Eastern appearance. Asked about the city's random stop-and-search policy, which Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Thursday would forbid racial profiling, Bloomberg told WABC Radio host John Gambling, "I think if we've learned anything, it is you can't predict what a terrorist looks like." Bloomberg acknowledged that his profiling ban would make it easier for terrorists to succeed in their next attack, but still insisted the practice was "unreasonable."


At July 23, 2005 4:26 PM, Blogger Laurel said...

PC at its best. Again I don't think the terrorists are middle aged white women. Bloomberg must be watch too much "24".

At July 23, 2005 4:30 PM, Blogger bordergal said...

Oh well, when the bomb goes off in a New York subway, at least we will know that nobody's feelings were hurt by racial profiling.

Bloomberg is an idiot.

At July 23, 2005 5:39 PM, Blogger Kledo said...

No he is not an idiot. He is a fairly typical politician of our time.

Czech President refused 'multiculturalism' and do-gooders are stricking back.

At July 23, 2005 9:23 PM, Blogger Ole said...

kledo That makes him an idiot.

At July 23, 2005 10:07 PM, Blogger erp said...

I think the PM doesn't realize that multiculturalism is the opposite of assimilation or what we in the US call the melting pot. Multiculturalism means hyphenated Americans or Czechs or Hungarians for that matter and keeping each ethnicity or race or religion apart and pitting one against the other.

This may not have been the original intention, although I think it was, but this how it's worked out and terrorists have seized on it to recruit killers to their cause.

At July 23, 2005 10:45 PM, Blogger Laurel said...

erp -
In my early childhood education studies in the states - the text books preach multi - culti to the hilt. The so called "experts" claim it wrong to make the immigrants feel American but help them embrace their own cultures. They claim it makes them learn faster. Also the push to learn English takes a back seat as native languages are encouraged. That's why our immigrants don't respect our country - why should they when we bend over backwards.

At July 23, 2005 10:48 PM, Blogger Kledo said...

erp, our PM is a lost cause. He is involved in financial machinations with money from the property of Prague and just this week it was revealed that his friend and advisor was agent of Stb (secret communistic police). But I cannot say that I'm surprised.

He is a former tavern keeper and so there is a lot of things he doesn't understand.

But by the way, watching 'Mexifornia' in the USA I cannot say that US approach is better.

Ole, I know :)

At July 24, 2005 1:48 AM, Blogger stuart10242 said...

One thig is clear, Bloomberg is not Giuliani.

At July 24, 2005 2:12 AM, Blogger Don Miguel said...


In effect what they are doing is what those who fought against civil rights for blacks in the 50's and 60's wanted: "separate but equal." The multiculturalists of today are just the descendants of the racial separatists of yesterday.

What's amazing to me is how they try to justify their bilingual education programs when it is not only obvious but provable that bilingual education is a failure and a farce. In fact, it is racist because the multicultural crowd really only wants to apply it to Hispanics (especially Mexicans) because it allows them to treat Mexicans like children needing the guidance and wisdom of the all-knowing parent (i.e. the multiculturalists).

At July 24, 2005 4:33 AM, Blogger erp said...

Looks like everybody on this string gets it. Great. Sometime ago, it was suggested that we all identify where we're from. It's so amazing that people from across the world think exactly alike.

Actually in California as in the rest of the country, eventually most our newcomers also 'get it.' Bush is making a huge difference, but there is the core group of lefties who are trying to stop him. I believe he really will win and we'll turn it around.

The bilingual program is about dead and Bush's No Child Left Behind, initiative is making a difference

At July 24, 2005 1:23 PM, Blogger FOS said...

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