Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tsunami aid 'went to the richest'

Six months after the Asian tsunami, a leading international charity says the poorest victims have benefited the least from the massive relief effort. A survey by Oxfam found that aid had tended to go to businesses and landowners, exacerbating the divide between rich and poor. The poor were likely to spend much longer in refugee camps where it is harder to find work or rebuild lives. The survey points to the marginalisation of dalits - outcasts in India - and specific problems in Sri Lanka where aid has gone to businesses and landowners rather than the landless. This poverty gap is worst in Aceh, the Indonesian province which was the most badly affected area, already impoverished by conflict before the tsunami hit. Half a million survivors were homeless. Yet the wealthier among them have already been able to move out of temporary camps. Another survey by a group of British academics monitoring the delivery of aid has found that, six months on, there is little evidence of permanent accommodation being built for most people.


At June 28, 2005 6:14 PM, Blogger jimgoism said...

why are we so shocked...

We know that islam demands the terrorists to do eveyrthing in their power (including lying cheating stealing murdering etc etc to kill the infidel.
But the leftist moonbats still want to believe that throwing money at them will change their hearts??

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At June 29, 2005 7:05 AM, Blogger ik said...

Definition of Foreign Aid - Money taken from the poor people in a Rich country and given to the rich people in a poor country - Lee Kuan Yew (For Prime Minister of Singapore)


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