Thursday, June 02, 2005

More about Swedish Feminists

More from the "men are animals and walking dildos" - departement:

If in doubt, attack the messenger

- Ulrika Kärnborg at DN Culture debunks the notion that the two young women in the first programme were duped into fleeing from a supposed network of paedophile Satanists. Not by a long shot. ROKS chairman Ireen von Wachenfeldt claimed she was duped into saying that “men are animals” when she was in fact merely quoting Valerie Solanas. Now that SVT has made the full interview available online we can see that this is simply not true. Why this attack on the messenger? Is the message too hard to swallow? Ireen von Wachenfeldt, Gunilla Ekberg, Margareta Winberg, Eva Lundgren and all the others who have hijacked Swedish feminism and turned an inflexible view of gender hierarchy into a state ideology are those who most merit rebuke.

SVT release unedited "men are animals" interview

Rubar claimed that 'Bellas vänner' believed that there were men in senior positions in Sweden, who were involved in paedophilia and satanic rituals. She also claimed that 'Bellas vänner' had kidnapped two women who had come to them for help and taken them to Norway. An article in SvD this week accused Rubar of using a discredited story from the Västerbottens-Kurir newspaper as the basis for her claims. The story was published in March 2004, but following a complaint to the press ombudsman, the paper was forced to print a retraction.


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Sorry Fjordman - I just couldn't resist this:

Bumblebees could be facing extinction as inbreeding in colonies turns hard working females into useless males...


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