Thursday, June 02, 2005

Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'

I've noted earlier the role Norway had in the early history of nuclear weapons. Now it seems as if Nazi Germany may have been closer to creating nukes than some people thought:

Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'

Historians working in Germany and the US claim to have found a 60-year-old diagram showing a Nazi nuclear bomb. It is the only known drawing of a "nuke" made by Nazi experts and appears in a report held by a private archive. The researchers who brought it to light say the drawing is a rough schematic and does not imply the Nazis built, or were close to building, an atomic bomb. But a detail in the report hints some Nazi scientists may have been closer to that goal than was previously believed. One historian behind the discovery, Rainer Karlsch, caused a storm of controversy earlier this year when he claimed to have uncovered evidence the Nazis successfully tested a primitive nuclear device in the last days of WWII. A number of historians rejected the claim.


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