Sunday, June 26, 2005

Danish forces in Iraq bombed

Denmark recently decided that their troops will remain in Iraq until 2006. A Danish Socialist organization has earlier voiced support for attacks against their own troops:

Danish forces in Iraq bombed

Danish troops in Iraq were bombed twice on Friday, the Army Operational Command announced. No one was hurt in the attacks, but two military vehicles were damaged. National radio news channel DR reported that the first bomb had been placed tight up to a road 30 kilometres north of the Danish headquarters in Basra, exploding as a military column passed by on Friday morning. The bomb destroyed a lorry. Around one hour later a patrol dispatched to protect the remains of the lorry was attacked with another bomb, three kilometres away from the site of the first bombing. According to the Army Operational Command, the Danish force received help from British experts to close off the bombing areas to find out which kind of explosives or ammunition were used to make the bombs.


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